Jacko - Hope you like 'em!

Michael Jackson actually crooked due to a food allergy. He had a reaction to 12 year old nuts.

Michael Jackson is not dead. It’s been confirmed that he has been found at sea- bobbing up and down on a boy.

Michael Jackson has died. To commemorate his musical achievements McDonalds have released the “McJackson burger” It’s a 50yr old piece of aged albino meat shoved between two 8yr old buns..

Breaking news Michael Jackson has just died, but he will be back. Medical experts believe with all the plastic surgery he has he can be recycled.

Michael Jackson is dead and his will has been released. He wants to be melted down and made into a Play-station so all the kids can play with him.

The reports about Michael Jackson having a cardiac arrest are incorrect. He actually went to visit the children’s hospital and had a stroke.

Apparently the Los Angeles Coroner is in a bind. He doesn't know whether to blame Michael Jackson's death on the sunshine, the moonlight, the good times or the boogie!

Michael Jackson left in his will that when he died he wanted to be melted down and turned into a Sony Play-station. That way all the little children would still be able to play with him.

There is some confusion about Michael Jackson's funeral. Will it be burial, cremation or a Tupperware party?

Apparently on his death bed Michael Jackson said that his dying wish was to be cremated and sprinkled in a box of Co-Co Pops. That way he'd get to go through a child's arse one last time...
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