Jacko Dodges the Bullet

Well a jury of his peers has decided that Mikey is innocent of all charges of didling little boys and he's free to go and try and recover what he can of his crashed and burned music career.. Accoding to the rev. Jesse Jackson [ no relation as they say ] Mikey is thinking of moving to Africa and opening a ' Theme Park ' [ WTF? ] or hoofing it to Europe where the Frenchies and others still think he's worth the euros to go and see strut and whine in his pre-pubescent squawk..

Too bad the prosecutor had to have as a ' victim ' a white trash family whose mom had been ' outed 'as a shakedown artist on more than one occasion.. ' bot shouting wolf ' it seems..

Still, one can only hope Jackson and his zombie face will find ' solace' in the Dark Continent..
Does a cynical old ex-coppers heart good to see justice done.The law forbids both the rich and the poor to steal bread and sleep under bridges.
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