Jackie Pallo RIP

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. RIP Jackie Pallo from the great days of TV Wrestling. Proper stuff, loved by grannies up and down the land, and much better than the yank cr@p of today

    Easy ! Easy !
  2. Jackie 'Mr TV' Pallo...

    Les Kellett

    Johhnie Kwango

    Mick McManus

    The Royle Brothers (Bert and his rather gay looking younger brother).

    Billy Two Rivers

    And a bit later...

    Giant Haystacks

    Big Daddy

    Oh my Saturday afternoons long gone by...

    And Kent Walton; 'Hello grapple fans'

    Edited for typo and to add the Zebra Kid, Belle Vue, Manchester circa 1966
  3. ...Ken-do Nagasaki,etc, etc... Not a crrapy metal chair insight!

  4. Les Kellett and his staggering act
    McManus and his ears
    Bert Royle class performer

    Please can we have them back?
  5. Wow - now there is a blast from the past.

    Dicky Davis for Match of the Day !!
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Tibor Szacasz....Kent Walton was the only one who could pronounce his name

    'Fit' Finley

    Adrian 'Golden Boy' Street

    Tag wrestling from Wrexham Hippodrome !!

    " Ivan the Terrible...from the Steppes...two famous holds...never been beaten.......the Half Pretzel broke your back and The Full Pretzel killed ya ! Intae yim !intae yim!...garn Shuggie...we are The Champions !! "

    ( I think I need a drink....sorry...I'll get my anorak....) :lol:

    Poor old Jackie Pallo, villain no more. Requiescat.
  7. Jackie was the first famous bloke I remember with a ponytail!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4714948.stm

    Saturday afternoons, fruit and lemonade vans used to come around and we used to get to watch the wrestling on Grandstand with pallo and the rest of the performers. Kent Walton was a household name!!
  8. The British Bulldog and the Dynamite Kid!
  9. Go back even further and you'll see my grandad, Dave Armstrong, gettiing beat for the British Heavyweight title in Newcastle. Been told that this may have been the fight he broke his leg in - apparently you could here it right at the back of the audience.
  10. They came over to do a CSE type tour to Germany while I was at Wildenrath, early 80's. One of the lads in the sqn fancied himself a bit and one of them Tony(?) St Clair offered him into the ring. He then picked him up, spun him round his head a couple of times and slung him into Row F. Class!
  11. George Kidd--master wrestler-TOP MAN.__Leon Arras(from Paris)better known as Brian Glover(actor--Porridge,Kes --from Bradford!)Andy Robbins(with Hercules the bear)"Judo"Pat Roach(Auf Wiedersehn pet)Les Kellet(Clown of the ring)I know most of it was b---s--t,but always watched on Saturdays and Wednesday nights,used to go to it "live",and a couple of weeks later would see the same "contestants" go through moves and holds on tv.I've still got a well filled autograph book somewhere,from the well known(Mick Mcmanus)to the unremembered(ALL THE WAY FROM REIGATE,IN MOZAMBIQUE--COLIN "BOMBER HARRIS)Good days.
  12. PS---Don't knock them,as some were well 'ard(and supple/strong)-asTHE GURU attested.
  13. You watch pro wrestling? You're joking, right?
  14. Yerse, Saturday afternoon ITV Grapple, watching a screaming loon shouting and jumping up and down, waving arms, "ghost" boot going in....enough about my Grandma, the wrestling was good too.
    Remember Pat Roach (RIP) moving on to Auf Wiedersehn Pet, "Bomber's ready"......met him not so many years ago on holiday in the Med, must have been in his late 60's - fcuking fittest bloke around the pool, still built like a brick sh1thouse.