Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by laytonatc, May 16, 2009.

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  1. im wondering which jacket is better a windproof or a soldier 2000 jacket
  2. Seven point six two.

    Full metal jacket.
  3. You being ATC, you're best off wearing what you're given. There is no need to spend a fortune on an Arctic smock for your occasional jaunt outdoors.
  4. the best we have got are 94 which in the rain get you soaked and in the heat make you extremely hot.i wasnt planning on spending a fortune as a mate of mine offered me them for £15 for the windproof or £10 for a 2000 jacket
  5. Buy them both and stick the S2000 jacket on Fleabay for 25 quid, win win :roll:

    Edited to add:

    Make sure you advertise it as used by SAS/SBS/Marines etc, guaranteed to sell all sorts of crap to gullible idiots like that :!:
  6. Usually members of the ATC..........
  7. either sell it to your mates or one of your muckers for twice what you paid and get enough profit for a few free naafi breaks!
  8. 90s/94s were still in use by at least one Jock TA inf bn whose lads I was on a course with a couple years back - something about them being warmer than thin ripstop jacket and 95 trousers up in those hills and windswept isles... And the trs are still popular with those who have them since they don't wear out and rip like 95s do. Can see their point, but there again they looked like they took awhile to dry out once wet.

    I wouldnt worry about it too much or be too quick to splurge out on gucci kit though - its all pretty decent kit and ATC isn't exactly going to be emotional.
  9. the point about 94 being warmer than 95 ripstops is true. but now since the S2000 stuff came out they're back to warmer, old style smocks.

    the only advantage of the 95 ripstop being it isn't as warm. makes it a good one to keep in the locker for CFTs.
  10. One of the main points about C95 was the onionskin or layering principle, or have people forgotten/ never known that?

    The idea was each individual could tailor the layers that he/she had on for individual comfort (obviously with the same top layer, to achieve uniformity and keep the RSM happy :roll: )
  11. Aye, that was the idea. But i think most people fcuked it off and just bought a softie jacket to bang on in the harbour area or 3am death stag.
  12. indeed most people fcuked it off.

    constantly taking things off putting them back on taking them off putting them back on is a right pain. a single garment that you either have on, off, or undone, underneath your smock, is so much simpler (with obv. a t-shirt underneath to keep the sweat off it)

    even better those Arktis waterproof windproof smocks solve everything in one. shame they're £200.
  13. From the PECOC thread there was talk of a Arktis like jacket with a buffalo like softy/liner on the cards.
  14. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Or just get a windy?
  15. so what one is better