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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Baz44, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Just thought I would share with you all.
    Recently when I got a new issue of 95 shirts I noticed one shirt had what I thought was a good modification - however was probably a defect that turned out pretty handy. In the shirt pockets are the numerus pen holders - seems to e enough to hold my daughters entire crayola set. However in one of my shirts the stitching between slots 3 and 4 (outer ones) was missing and this pockets turned out to be perfectt for holding my mobile phone - no longer the phone in my trouser pockets or bouncing around in the top pockets. Lets face it most soldiers now carry their mobiles on them and normally you can see them somewhere on their person, no matter how much they are told to carry them dicreetly. However with this poket mod you cannot see its in the pocket and its tucked away - as yet my phone has not been spotted by the RSM when on parades.
    Just thought someone might find this interesting/ useful - all of my shirts and smocks now modified according - suggest modify the side opposite to the hand you are i.e right for left, left for right and both if you are a tart with two phones!
  2. Good god, those long winter evenings must fly by in your house (DPM curtains included)
  3. Hey don't blame me the manufacturer cocked it up in the first place - I just thought outside the box and turned it to my advantage - good old squaddie initiative - my house is Purple not DPM if you please! - eh OK Mrs don't do DPM! :)
  4. is there enough room in the S95 shirt for the kitchen sink as well?

    the amount of times i've needed one, but have never had the room to pack one...
  5. Absolutely see collapsable bowl on the Webtex site holds 4 litres that should be enough to satisfy you and it fits in the modified pocket too - ha ha ha ........