Jackass's Ryan Dunn dead

Anyone have him on the dead pool!

Ryan Dunn

The stunt where they shoved a toy car up his arse in a condom then had him turn up at the ER complaining of tummy ache was hilarious!!


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What a ridiculously tame way to go; car into a tree? He might at least have rolled a seven in a comedy accident involving a trebuchet, some dwarves and a skateboard.
God rest his cracking beard, guess it will be singed to fuck now.


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Yet you felt the urge to tell everyone just how much you don't care after clicking on this thread of your own free will? Odd.
Dusty in here. RIP. Stand eas.................Ah-can't stop: me tea is ready. Soz.
Fer goodness sake...he crashed and burned on a TREE not a bleedin' lamp-post! You just can't get the grief-whores these days...TUT!
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