Jackass: Art or ARRSE?


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A soon-to-be green slime friend of mine has posed this question:

"Jackass: Art or ARRSE?" - You decide!



Not since the days of watching Kenny die in Southpark has watching people in pure pain seemed such a great idea.
I cried laughing watching that bloke wake his fat father up with the plunger
Was really hopeful that my "five things you hate" reply had prompted this intellectual discussion, sadly not.

Art - in small doses (ie a half hour slot).

In it's present 'constant re-runs in the lead-up to the film' state on MTV, it's a bunch of ARRSE, I'm afraid.

Wee Man is my favourite participant. I'm normally scared stiff of midgets - sorry, "little people" or whatever the PC phrase of the week is, but Wee Man, and in some ways, the acceptance given to him by his colleagues, has reminded me that in every midget, there is a real human being....  Sounds like I'm reallly mean, normally, but I'm not. We all have our particular prejudices. Anyway, I even have some midget porn, so I can't be that blinkered.

doesn't turn me on tho....



Just seen it at the pictures, has to be THE funniest thing ive ever seen at the cinema..... ;D

Worried it might give some of the lads some ideas though!  

And girls, Johnny Knoxville.....you would wouldn't you?!  ;)
The bit were he's hiding in the closet, waiting for his Dad to come out of the shower.  Now that DID make me laugh so much I cried !!  He relentlessly battered his father on to the bed, and then had a go at his Mum.  I still get tears in my eyes when I think about it.  And when they sneak the music gear into the parents bedroom at 3 in the morning, and then play heavy metal music to wake them.  Class !!   ;D
'Antiquing'  and the midget's response to the fag-break question 'reckon you could kick yourself in the head?'...  Fuc#ing priceless!
all time Jack ass favourite

Midget in a large sports bag at the taxi rank with fat bloke. Fat bloke asks for driver to help him with the bag, as soon as he lifts it the bag starts to wriggle and out jumps the midget in a pair of white undercrackers ad runs off down the street hollering

Taxi drivers face is a picture thats got me laughing out loud as I write
I have to say Jackass is pure ART,  Jonny Knoxville taking a sledgehammer to the Nads, Party boy stripping off in the Hi Fi shop and nicking the security guards hat, Bam Megerrea or what ever his name is trying the skate board loop the loop, Preston Lacey chasing Wee Man dressed in their Y fronts/Vests ;D Wee Man in the bag at the Taxi Rank cracks me up every time ;D

Haven't seeen the film yet  ;D
Saw the movie on Saturday, left crying with Laughter.

Hardly saw the majority of the film for the tears in my eyes.

The best thing to comes out of the States in fifty years

Johnny Knoxville for President


War Hero
ARRSE. I have no particular desire to watch someone making themselves sick. i can see my own sick when i've had too many stellas



War Hero
Priceless, thats what it is.....the movie is brilliant...havent cried with laughter that much before ever....... go see it now!


Worried it might give some of the lads some ideas though!
Your dead right, one of the lads put himself in hospital with his collar bone absolutely shattered.  funny as fcuk!  

Jackass is classic!   ;D

Cannot fault any of it, like a modern day Monty Python.

That Steve O muppet is completely mental.  ;D
Don't know why I find it so funny - but I do.  Probably something to do with not having to think too much.  Now that's my kind of movie.  ;D




Or the one where the coffin falls out of the back of the hearse!
The only thing that made me gag was the pee sno-cone, the rest was pretty good for a laugh

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