I was going to put this in the Current Affairs or the Int Cell, but thinking about the likely reaction and the language that would be used I thought it better to put it here. There ane many of you out there who, like me, need an avenue to vent their spleen every now and then, so I thought I'd offer this gem up, and we don't have to go around treading on each other's toes too much.

In the words of the great Edmund Blackadder, it is "the greatest work of fiction since vows of fidelity were introduced into the French marriage service". Are you ready, ladies and gentlemen? Because here it is... (cue drum roll)

Sinn Fein's biography of Gerry Adams!!!


(As far as I can tell ,they spelled his name correctly. At least they got something right.)


War Hero
Fucking hilarious!!! :p I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Do they actually believe what they write?? I'll grant him everything from about half-way down, but I love the way they completely neglect to mention how being a bomb-happy life-wrecker might have had something to do with his 'illegal internment' and 'brutal treatment'.

The author of this piece is clearly a genius!! :D


Book Reviewer
Seems entirely reasonable to me....except it misses out the bit about kneecapping teenagers, organising bombs in pubs in Guildford and Birmingham, convincing the US government that he isn't a Marxist, various murders of those who objected.......oh......by the way, Gerry......I dare you to issue a writ.....you murdering, lying, communist scum.
Seems to miss out that his life was saved by an RMP CP team during an attempt on his life by Loyalists. A member of that CP team was later to loose his legs in a PIRA UVBT in Colchester. Adams is a Wanker.
Can't imagine what you people have got against Gerry Adams. He's trying to pring peace to NI. Cut him some slack.

Bugsy7 said:
Cut him some slack.
I'd like to cut him a new ar$ehole, preferably in his throat, using a rusty potato-peeler.

Forgiveness only goes so far, I'm afraid he is way beyond the pale.
Cut his blackheart out with a spoon( a la Alan Rickman) would be more to my liking
oh, and make him suffer with it over a decade or two.
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