jackal gunnery


Could anyone please tell me if there is a specific course for Jackal gunnery? Is it a unit run course, or is it at a training establishment? Does anyone know the duration of the course?

Thank you
Oh dear. From memory: yes, no, not initially but there is a cascade programme run by SCHINF, yes as part of PDT for nominated crew members and it usually is incorporated into the field firing phase within PDt.... but there again, I'm out of the loop and there have probably been a zillion changes since I left. Here's a radical idea; why not ask your training wing? (It has to be at least marginally more reliable than the ARRSE colective.
PSI is on leave and it's not a vehicle we use, so trying to get any info before he gets back. Trying to get myself on courses which will make me useful for a deployment in Oct. Thought there might be specific course run. I know the drivers go to Leconfield, but wan't sure for HMG gunnery on that specific platform. thanks for the info though, I'll try to follow up on that.
Try SCHINF at Warminster, they run the FSG courses. Otherwise as you say its the heavy wpns course. The SCHINF site on Dii has a list of courses it runs and numbers you can ring.

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