Jack Tweed Jailed for 12 weeks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taffnp, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Jade Goody's husband, Jack Tweed, was jailed for 12 weeks at Harlow magistrates court today for an assault on a taxi driver.

    Tweed, 21, whose wife died from cancer last month, was found guilty at Epping magistrates court last month of attacking Stephen Wilkins in Epping, Essex, last May.


    "Mr Tweed is 21. He was 20 at the time of this offence that took place 11 months ago. There has been no re-offending since that date," she said.

    Oh that's ok then!! He has complained that he is getting a harsh sentence because he is famous ? Have I missed something ?
  2. Was he not inside for a chunk of time since the offence. Ist class toss-pot needs a good kicking.
  3. Given this chav's track record of assult, it should have been at least nine months, then community service, "Washing Taxis"! . . . . . :wink:
  4. Couldn't give a fcuk less about this creature and the "people that matter to him". He let down society, and he very fcuking nearly let down teh cabbies family; I don't like to think what could have happened when this oxygen thief pulled on the hand brake of a moving car.

    Take him to a nearby square, and birch the fcuker. In front of his new children. All this "I'm going to live with tarzan" b0110cks. What's up tweedy, big and hard when p1ssed but craven scum when it comes to facing up to your actions.

    He is considering appealing....

    Fcuking right he has been treated because of who he is.... he is a piece of sh1t scum that pollutes the very atmosphere around him. Just becuase he has been on tele and a bunch of housewife mags doesn't make him a celebrity.

    Let's not forget he has already been done for another assault (16yo attacked with a golf club), IIRC has a conviction for drink driving and Jade herself once said he "pushed" her about when she was pregnant.




    What does this cnut have to do before he gets a proper sentance? Kill or maim somebody?
  5. My mrs has a cousin who got 4 years for an assault charge. He drunkenly had a puch up with another bloke. Fair play he did have previous offences to his name, but because the charge was classed as violent he got 4 years and served 2.

    Now Jack Tweed got 12 months so hell be out by the end of next month..6 weeks.

    Jack Tweed also has a previous conviction for violence, yet he got a tiny sentence.

    Just goes to show that the law only applies to 'normal people' and z list 'celebrity' Tweed got off lightly with obviously a sympathetic judge.
  6. You are obviously not aware of one of the primary unwritten laws instigated by New Labour,that is the Derference to Celebrities Act of 1997,which means soft sentences all round for New Labour's celeb cronies.

    This O2 thief should have received at least 5 years as he had previous and was on bail at the time of the latest offence.

    How much longer before this scumbag is up before the beek again for something else?.one year,two?.
  7. Am I the only one who would have liked to see a massive fine rather than the taxpayer giving him accommodation and food for 6 weeks. A few million should do.
  8. I assume you are making the assumption that he has inherited JG's wealth. In spite of her overwhelming lack of intellect, her council-estate animal cunning would almost certainly have made her aware of the risks involved in Tweedie inheriting her wealth. Probably all beenplaced in trust ofr the kids, thereby ruling out the 'fine' option.
  9. What? He did it for love you think!

  10. Explains it all then - he must have been drunk all the time, which brought out his violent side
  11. At the risk of sounding like a pro-goody, now reading moron. I would have thought the description "mothers love" would fit better.
  12. back to sleeping with skinheads for him then.
  13. Read today his bottle had gone and he was trying to get into the nonce wing.
  14. so he could be with bald headed people ?
  15. i buckled