Jack the Ripper - Coldstream Guards.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jacob1650, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Well I never, just watching another in the long line of Ripper documentaries and it appears a couple of Coldstreamers were in the frame for a while.

    Lord, love a duck, me old Cockney Sparrer.

    Had anyone else heard of this? Why isn't this part of our fine Regimental history?
  2. Maybe because they weren't sheep

    Oh no that is the Taffs
  3. I have no doubt any Coldstreamer worth his salt could have pinioned a Whitechapel prossy, afflicted as they were by rickets and syphilis. Less of a challenge than a healthy Border Cross ewe
  4. I thought guardsmen conducted their sexual liasons well away from Whitechapell, more like Hyde Park. I was told that a worried minister fearfull of the effect on morale during the war told Churchill that another guardsman had been arrested in Hyde Park for buggery or something similar, Churchill said "wasn't it below freezing last night?" the minister said he thought it was, Churchill replied "Makes you proud to be British".
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Do remember the local plod being interviewed about problems of prostitution on the common - the man in blue explained that it had been going on for some time though - when asked how long he replied "Oh since the Crimean War..."
  6. I read a book about the artist Walter Sickert being Jack The Ripper and in there it said that there had been reports of two members of the Guards with white bands on their forage caps in the area of one of the murders.

    As this is the naafi, the sheep shaggers couldn't have killed a prossie, they'd have been too busy sucking of tramps for small change while wanking over a goose
  7. Should read the graphic novel From Hell very good and although it's fiction does cover alot of factual events with an appendix with whats true/false etc gives the authors view that it was Sir William Gull who did the killings added by the coach driver Netley under the instruction of Queen Vic still secert files are to be released in 2015 about the murders should be interesting.
  8. some thoughts.

    I doubt the ripper was anyone famous. In fact good grounds for suspecting at least the last of the canonical 5 (mary kelly) was murdered by a different person than some of the others (and I suspect strides pimp murdered her) so down to 3 "pure" killings by the ripper.

    the best we can really do is look at the profile of the type of offender he was. he was not frightening in appearance and obviously looked harmless and regular enough to allay suspicion as a typical working man type client of that type of prositiute, or they would not have gone with him to dark places. this was happening at the height of the ripper scare so he must have had at least the social skills enough to initiate contact and understand enough of the expected "narrative" to carry it through.

    he was a local man, and had a definite killing "territory" bounded by the whitechapel road and commercial road, he would have only quickly crossed those well lit thoroughfares, not walked down them. he had extensive local knowledge, and could evade police by using backyards and was familiar with the area.I doubt any outsider could have had that knowledge.

    he had enough "medical" knowledge to know if you strangled someone 1st and then cut their throat when they were on the ground you could direct the bloodflow away from yourself and that the blood would not gush out as with a living artery (I think im right in saying the victims died by syncope so the heart would have stopped ?) not nessecarily a doctor, any slaughterman would know this, victorian london had many knackers yards.

    the ripper had a job in the week. all the crimes were of a weekend (or public holiday)
    this job is very likely to have been a butcher, horse slaughterer etc, not just for the knowledge and skill with the knife the murders showed, but the enjoyment gained from the action, he would have been sadisticly living out the narrative of these fantasies at work.

    the goulston street graffito had nothing to do with the case, but the apron scrap was def eddowes.

    I should get out more.
  9. I sat down in my living room while the last 5 mins of this docu were on in the background... a woman said she had heard heavy footsteps past her door sounding like a policeman on his beat...but whatever way the story went it was likely the footsteps she heard were those of jack the ripper...

    could it actually have been a copper? not very well read on the subject so just throwing the suggestion out there
  10. Oh well, I guess that's another tradition the Green Jackets DIDN'T start, but at least they did it with style
  11. Probably for the same reason that Club 18 - 30 isn't in the Greenjackets history.
  12. yes in london at the time as well as the met and city of london there were several railway police forces, i forget all the details but it has been suggested it may have been a railways constable using his uniform to escape the crowds - there used to be mention of it on the BTP history section

    truth be told unless the 2015 files come out implictly stateing BLAH did it then I doubt we'll ever know

    the thing i find most unsettling about these crimes are the B&W photos, i have read modern forensics books and find most things i can cope with but the B&W photos really freak me out
  13. Because the victims were women?
  14. I recall reading of the so-called "Guardsman's Defence". Apparently Guardsmen used to queer-bash/mug types who hung out in Hyde Park/Green Park looking to procure Guardsmen for homo-loving. Some straight Guardsmen also went mugging and if apprehended would simply allege they had been touched up and were protecting themselves from predatory homos. "The wallet must have fallen into their pockets during the struggle your honour and apparently the victim, who I believe is a member of your club/chambers/regimental officers' dining club/house of Lords no longer wishes to press charges..." and so forth.
  15. Same here, don`t like looking at them at all. For anyone interested in the case there`s a superb web site here Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Main