Jack Straw, has he gone stark, raving mad?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 762baynet, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. From today's Gloucestershire Echo (ok not exactly a national paper).
    Does he really mean this? Or is it just some old b0ll0x dished out to the press?

    Justice secretary Jack Straw said today that female offenders should be punished in the community rather than being sent to prison.
    Mr Straw was visiting HMP Eastwood Park, in south Gloucestershire, where he toured the prison, meeting prisoners and wardens.
    The jail currently holds 280 prisoners, far below its capacity of 362, from convicted child abusers like Vanessa George, to murderers and drugs and burglary offenders.
    After speaking with prisoners, Mr Straw told the Press Association: “Female prisoners are very different to male prisoners, and while there is a consensus that we need to be tougher on male offenders there is also a broad consensus that where possible we should punish and reform females in the community and not in prisons.
    “The male population in prisons is rising but the female population is going down.
    “A lot of serious women offenders have mental health issues and problems with drugs and alcohol abuse and self-harm.
    “Often that is caused by a lack of self-respect, so we need to give them confidence and an understanding about what they are doing.
    “Many have children and are the principle care giver, so being sent to prison disrupts their lives and their children’s lives.
    “We have to be sensible and humane in getting offending down in men and women, and we have to have different, but firm, approaches.”
    Mr Straw toured the mother and baby unit, where prisoners are allowed to stay with their babies until they are 18 months old, and the juvenile unit for young offenders as well as the general population wing.
    Eastwood Park has a high self-harm rate, in the year to November 2008 there were 2,290 incidents reported.
    But governor Paul Stickler said that rate was falling.
    “We are delighted to have Mr Straw here, I’m proud to see him here for staff and prisoners because we have made an incredible change in our performance and targets,” he said.
    “Mr Straw seems very interested in the conditions prisoners are kept in and the education and progress that prisoners make.
    “Female prisoners are equal to male but they cannot be treated the same, we have to have a different agenda.
    “Mr Straw also spoke to me about self-harm and the way that we have changed to bring in a multi-disciplined approach with mental health services which has seen self-harm in custody reduce by 50% in the last 12 months.”
    The mother and baby unit gives prisoners bigger, brighter rooms to themselves where their children also sleep.
    They are given parenting classes and health seminars and during work or education time the babies are looked after by nursery staff.
    Collette Parke, 22, from Birmingham, gave birth to her son Theodore Russell ten weeks ago in prison.
    She has been on remand for conspiracy to supply drugs since March and awaits sentence in February.
    “I spoke with Mr Straw and we talked about having a baby here, it’s good to have him here because if you have any concerns about anything he is the man to speak to really,” she said.
    “When I first came to prison I though the mother and baby unit would be like a hostel, but it’s like a home from home really, except you have a nursery.”

    The concensus whereby 'we should be tough on men but reform women in the community', where does this come from?
  2. Hmm-Rose West must be larffing her tits off.
  3. Stark raving bonkers, this man deserves a room in the Tower of London for a very long time.

    Obviously on drugs.
  4. But what does Harriet Harperson say?
  5. a,save a few quid by not building more prisons.
    b,what was the story a few weeks ago,a black female in nick for murder,went missing whilst shopping?
  6. Beat me to it. She was the first name that sprang to my mind.
  7. Well, Man-of-Straw-Jack and his Marxist Pals require the Jail bedpsaces for female Council Tax Refuseniks....

    Serious offenders like Rose West, and those of that ilk will be let out because its ..."Agin their Uming Rites and Dignity" to be in Jail......

    The more these Liarbore F*rkwits come out with statements like this, the closer I know we are to a General Election.... after all, only the Congenitaly Politically Stupid could make such a bleeding remarks... :p
  8. Labour has just acquired the female criminal vate.
  9. I believe he is clutching at straws. The incumbent often has problems provinding a fresh perspective on things. He is no different. So he's trying everything to look proactive.
  10. I take it you mean vote, and you know that prisoners cannot vote
  11. 'All men are b@stards', repeated indefinitely in the style of a broken gramaphone record.

    I did think that Labour would run true to form with a lurch to the left followed by self destruction after the election, as in the early 80s.

    It seems that I was wrong.

    Harriet's forthcoming Equality Bill requires the social class of job applicants to be considered by employers as race is considered at the moment.

    Jack Straw has opened the prison gates (watch out Jack. Your son is a convicted drug dealer, your brother's a convicted nonce and your dad served time with Oswald Moseley for refusing to fight in WW2. You wouldn't want that lot turning up for Christmas Dinner).

    Gordon's increasing obsession with Eton College is reportedly causing concern among those responsible for writing his prescriptions. Among those who have lost their jobs, homes and, in some cases, lives due to the economic catastrophe that is engulfing our country, it's causing more than just concern.

    Looks like, this time round, Labour have lit the fuse before the election. I wonder if Gordon can keep his pants under his trousers until May. If he appears at PMQs wearing them on his head with two pencils stuffed up his nose, we might have Harriet leading Labour into the election.
  12. Rapid and furious backpedal.... sorry "clarification" from the Ministry of Gross Injustice: he was only talking about "vulnerable women" rather than "serious or dangerous" offenders.

    "Vulnerable" however appears to cover anyone who is pregnant. So Ladies, top tip from the top:

    Make sure your trial for Murder, Manslaughter, Firearms offences etc coincides with highly visible bumpage or sproglet in arms
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You've obviously not been watching the development of a Labour-sponsored idea about giving prisoners the right to vote then. Samfink t'do wiv der umin roights innit.
  14. Come on Arrsers, there are NO lengths that this failed collection of 'mis-fits' will not go to, in order to obtain a vote or two.

    This man, Straw, is particularly, I might even say exceptionally, dangerous.

    He hides, he scurries, he lurks, he slides, he slimes, he is 'nothing', he says much, he says nothing, he is the consummate political 'con-man', he is 'everything', he stutters and we are meant to feel sorry for him, he, Straw, is the butler to Mandelson's devil - believe me:

    Straw is an unrecognised danger to 'freedom of speech', 'the written word' and even 'thought', in this Kingdom.

    We all know that Mandelson is beyond redemption, but his 'familiar', the hitherto undisclosed Straw, is equally dangerous and utterly evil!
  15. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I'll lay odds that communist scum does not even have a proper shed.