jack straw dubs the police as lazy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bitterandtwisted, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. Straws opinon on Civ pol

    IMO - This man is an A GRADE w@nker - judging the fact that his govt has helped contribute to the red tape that stops coppers actually catching criminals on the streets because they are too busy being under preassure to forfil facking shitty statistics by filling out more paperwork.

    I have 2 mates in the federalis the poor bastards get fragged to death and then when they catch the purpatrator the courts pat them on the head and say never mind....

    Again the NHS is of the same ilk - red tape and not the grass roots of treating people. These civil servants who make these rules need to be gripped and slung out and half these ******* whom are in parliament.

    Spin and drivel..... Wheres the BUS KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x
  2. Jack"man of"Straw. A complete waste of rations; I still cringe when I remember his pathetic attempt to suck up to his Muslim constituents. "Inshallah"? Pass the sick-bag. 8O :puker:

    Besides, a politician calling someone lazy is like Bin Ladin calling someone a terrorist. :roll:
  3. That's because he is a lefty c@nt
  4. You should try having the Piss of Still Not Interested Police Force,then you could moan
  5. Classic Liebour spin…

    Fvck up the Police by burying them in Yuman Rights legislation, then blame the Police! 8O

    I'm sure the Usual Suspects® will be along shortly to defend the party line.
  6. There's no such thing as 'lazy' staff - just poorly recruited, shoddily managed, badly motivated staff.

    The police are a bag of sh*t, but through no fault of their own. A number of them are mentally or physically not up to the job (due to 'fair', 'equal', 'diverse' recruiting), and the many who are have their hands bound so tightly by PC red tape that they can't operate effectively. I'm not surprised they're lacking the motivation to arrest criminals who know their rights inside out and will walk free within hours of being arrested, particularly when the police have so little respect amongst the general public.

    I could go on, but I think I'll finish by pointing out that the police worked fine a few years back. It was politics (of both shades, but particuarly Labour over the last 12) who have brought about the current state of affairs.
  7. Yup!! What he says! A good working police force was destroyed by LIABOR for it's own ends,the result is a neutered,so P.C.(I won't call them a force) outfit that their about harmless to anything other than motorists!
  8. Totally agree with ALL the above! :x
  9. Sigh, that c*nt is my local MP. He once did a speaker-box thing and got heckled to death when he couldnt answer simple questions being asked by the crowd. Absolute pube.
  10. Did the questions start with "what is 1+1" by any chance?
  11. 'Stuttering' Jack Straw is an unreconstructed 'Stalinist' - end of. He is a danger to this country and somehow has survived in high office for a very long time - too long.

    The Police in this country are 'cattle-trucked' - 'cattle-trucked' by the opportunistic, ill thought out, knee-jerk, eye-catching, political points scoring plethora of legislation AND the mountains and mountains of wholly unnecessary bureaucracy heaped upon them by this awful government.

    I pray that the replacement government will have someone with Mrs. Thatcher's guts, leadership, drive and determination to rectify this, and other shambles, brought about by the political pygmies who have exercised power over us (not for us) for more than twelve years.
  12. Didn't Straw get caught out as a student marxist supporting the throwing of petrol bombs at police or am I confusing him with another Labour politician?
  13. You Must be high or just mental thatcher was tw@t bliderberger with non of what u said to describe her

    As for the straw-man thats another tw@t too,but he is right that police are lazy but thats just cause there all double chinned and double bellied nowadays
  14. Just had two policemen at my door looking for a lad that may be lost.
    Very professional, very pleasant, finally succumbed to SWMBO'd entreaties to "have a cuppa tea" a la Mrs Doyle.
  15. If jack is slating the Police for their 'laziness'.... what is about to break?

    Who/what is he trying to protect or at the very least sh1t deflect on to the Bobbies?

    I am guessing, that crime figures are showing that liarbours infatuation with banning knives, guns and anything else they can think of, isn't working to cut the crime like they thought it would.

    So it must be the Police being 'lazy' in having to spend 12 hours doing paperwork for every 5 minutes they spend policing.