Jack Straw blocked anti-Soviet demo in 1970

I received this message a few days ago from Czech dissident Honza Jan Malina, regarding Vaclav Havel's foreign minister Jan Kavan:

I was going thru the book Jan "KATO" Kavan [the book contains only photocopied top secret STB foreign espionage documents and reports - regarding Kavan and related people].

Well look what I found:

Page 279:


comrade Cepelak

London, UK

Report # 71-21-3-2-1-01-08-70


Group of Czechoslovak students in Oxford officialy asked the leadership of NUS [National Union of Students] to support the planned demonstration that is scheduled because of the anniversary of Jan Palach's death [HM note - CZ student Jan Palach burned himself alive in Prague in protest of Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia].

The leader of the International Department of NUS Richard Moline personally asked the source [HM note - this is very unclear what it means, in Czech language this word is not accurate to use in this kind of sentence - it therefore could mean some kind of code name of a person infiltrated inside the NUS - keep reading, it only gets better] and asked if NUS would supply money and organize the whole demonstration.

The source denied such help categorically during their conversation with the explanation that this is entirely Cz business that the British leadership of NUS shouldn't get involved in.

This Source's standpoint was taken into consideration during the NUS meeting where its president JACK STRAW pushed thru the NUS denial of the Czechoslovak students' in Osxford proposal for the preparation and organization of this demonstration.

The "source" was additionally informed about this NUS leadership decision and was asked to supply his/her [???] standpoint in writting [to supply it to NUS - HM note].

From the NUS meeting is obvious that the NUS represantatives were not interested in getting involved in affairs of a small group of Czechoslovak students.

The "source's" political standpoint and his/her[???] logical argumentation were substantialy enough influential for the NUS leadership's decision and prevented the in advance and already planned and prepared demonstration from happening.


Cable response to this report 01-09-70

"Preparation of Cz students' activities in UK"

It is very interesting and up to date observation to already expected Cz students' activities regarding the Jan Palach's death anniversary.

We [the STB foreign espionage section - HM note] are interested in more detailed analysis of the relationship between the NUS and Cz students and regarding their political activities.

Will be used for Daily Report, Central Committee of the Cz CP and 2nd Department of the Federal Department of the Intelligence Services [HM note - the STB 2nd Directorate dossiers were never published, this database most likely includes also all Middle Eastern terrorists' files -most likely Mohammad Atta's file as well - no wonder the commies don't want them to be published.]

Young Jack Straw blamed for endangering Anglo-Chile relations: http://www.guardian.co.uk/guardianpolitics/story/0,3605,909069,00.html
Somethings never change couldnt organise a trip to chile for a group of bloody work shy students .20 years later partof an organisation which
couldnt organise a war :lol: .Who is the more embrassing teenage labour supporters or teenage conservites ?


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