Jack Straw again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jimminy_cricket, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. What's going on with Jack Straw?

    First the veil and now this:


    Why do all these people only speak anything resembling sense once they're no longer in a position for it to make any difference (see thread ref. Gen. Jackson).
  2. In a world of his own springs to mind.

    Anyway has anyone else wondered why Jack Straw always looks as if his mum has just given him a bath and done his hair-what the fck is that all about? :)
  3. Pension perhaps
  4. So is Your complaint that

    a)He spoke against the PC brigades demands that offices shouldn't be decorated at Christmas

    b)It's just another jibe at the muslim community

    c)He spoke out at all

    Personally he said something that needed saying and, I think, has been said on ARRSE
  5. Total non-Story then. Jack speaks utter common sense, and this is a story?

    Now I know he's running for PM, this smells of smear.
  6. Straw said:(a) "I've never met a Christian who isn't delighted to recognise Yom Kippur [the Jewish Day of Atonement], nor Eid, nor Diwali" (the Hindu festival).
    (b) "Nor have I met a Muslim who denies my right to celebrate the birth of Christ."

    Okay peeps: 1. Name the dates for a.
    2. Shall we start at the letter B for Barki or H for Hamza.

    Jack, did your Condelezzzzzzzzzzza visit have anything to do with this...
  7. Oh do pay attention! Straw said he had never 'met' etc etc. That's possible innit? After all Straw has always been very careful about who he 'meets'....
  8. Err try paying attention yourself old chap. I have mentioned a couple of
    well known Scholars from another faith. I never said he met them.
    Na na na nah.....
  9. Hmmm... Isn't the most ridiculous thing that he presumes to speak on behalf of an angel? It's like American television...
  10. My daughter is in Dubai on a corporate jolly. Spoke with her last night and she says that the shopping malls are all Christmassy and the hotel she is at (top one in Dubai) has a full entertainment programme centered around Decembner 25 as Christmas and not some anonymous holiday. Perhaps those of us who celebrate Crimbo should bug*er off to a Islamic or Indian/Pak country?
  11. I used to like Ramadan when I lived in Fulwood. The Pakistani family across the road used to come over with "alms" in the form of curry and naan.

    I remember the first time it happened, around ten o'clock. I was watching football and thinking "Mmmm I could murder a curry" when the door bell rang and presto! There was a little girl carrying a small vat of lamb chops curried, with pilau and naans...Gobsmacked, talk about Cosmic Ordering.

    As for Jack - he has the sense to talk out on hijabs, he grasses his own son up for being on the waccy - sounds eminently sound to me!
  12. When I got to the bit about speaking on behalf of the Angel Gabriel I had to check it wasn't a spoof report!
  13. Old redcap,
    the hotel isn't celebrating Xmas, it is turning a coin.

  14. They are all beginning to realise that they have just lost the biggest block-vote in the U.K. -- the pale-faced native working man and woman -- and so N.L. MPs are potentially facing the Dole (sorry, Job Seekers Allowance). Suddenly, there is a scramble to jump on the yesteryear bandwagons of 'tradition' and 'culture'.

    Today, TB came up with the hair-brained idea that (since all his previous policies have failed miserably) we should now strive for 'Integrated Multiculturalism'.

    THAT, my dear TB, is an OXYMORON!

  15. The top hotel in Dubai, the Burge Al Arab, is completely aimed at the western market. It probably would go bust if it applied the laws of Islam on its guests. Its just playing to its market.

    I lived in Brunei, a tollerant Islamic state in a similar way to Dubai. I used to receive Xmas cards from lots of Muslim acquaintances, and the second year sent them myself. I believe they saw it as a show of friendship.

    Fair play on Jack Straw. One of the biggest injustices to the whole PC agenda of this country is that no one is speaking to the people who are supposed to be offended by us. Jack Straw said the right thing.