Jack mates abandon UK wounded Heroes

Agreed, I'm sure some deserving case can be found once people are aware of it. So you fcukers ask about :D
Tried RBL or BLESMA they will know someone.
Come on guys, somebody must know someone who deserves a break?
Letterwritingman said:
What about SSAFA and or trying Headley Court?
HC are aware of the offer, it just seems to be a case of finding people who are able to travel and I'm following this up on a regular basis.
niner_domestic have done and will advise

meantime how about some extras from 'Ultimate Farce' to act the part, Spanish Dave cannot be having it known in his community that there are no takers..
Get in touch with Combat Stress. Im sure they will have a patient in need of a break.
Bossdog all such avenues have been informed, we need to speed up the process on this one, so anybody know of anyone?

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