Jack Marshman 3PARA

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Dollsteeth, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Jack Marshman of 3Para currently defending his middleweight title belt (bamma) on channel 5star now.
  2. Hahahahhhaha

  3. All seems a bit camp.
  4. North camp?
  5. Got an erection have you
  6. I have but it wasn't caused by the boxing.

    Next door are bathing their son.
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  7. Just watched it, all I could say was ouch ******* ouch. Don't mind inflicting some pain but those mma boys just soak it up.
    Good job tho
  8. Delicious
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  9. Isn't he 14?
  10. Do you think I'm some kind of evil monster?

    The lad is 7.
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  11. My first laugh of the day came from you. ROLF and all that.
  12. Good job, shame he no longer holds the title though, came in overweight so was stripped of the title before the fight :( but gets first pop at it when they find a suitable opponent for him. Got to say from the last 3 fights I have watched Jack, this one looked the most impressive and he finally showed that he has a ground game to match his stand up.
  13. MMA's alright as a novelty watch but all the while you know they're all only there because they can't cut it as pro boxers.

    Tough old sport, tho.
  14. Marshman recently had his pro boxing debut.

    Boxing is alright as a novelty watch, but all the while you know they're only there because they can't cut it a Muay Thai fighters ;)