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Jack Livesey Arrested

I see in the paper today that our old friend Mr Livesey has been held on suspicion of perverting justice.

Quote says:

''Warfare author Jack Livesey said he had been a Para for 20 years during a trial in 2004. He admitted falsely claiming £29,164 in incapacity benefit while working at the IWM Duxford.
His alleged Falklands service helped him get a suspended sentences at Cambridge Crown Court.
But Livesey was arrested after it emerged he was in the Catering Corps for two years. He was bailed until January 19''.
(Grrr Scarletto beat me! :D )

Found it:

Fake Falklands war hero arrested

A BENEFIT fraudster and fake Falklands War hero has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

A police spokeswoman confirmed Jack Livesey, 55, of Springfield Road, Sawston, was arrested by the Cambridgeshire force on December 16.

Earlier this year the News investigated claims by former soldiers that Livesey, who claimed to have spent 20 years with the Parachute Regiment, was a fraud.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed he only served two years in the Catering Corps.

The News also confirmed with film director Steven Spielberg that Livesey, contrary to claims he had made, did not work on the movie Saving Private Ryan.

Livesey presented himself as a historian and Falklands War veteran during his court case in 2004 for falsely claiming almost £30,000 in incapacity benefit.

He wore a Parachute Regiment tie at Cambridge Crown Court with those present told he was decorated for bravery.

He admitted claiming £29,164 despite being employed at the Imperial War Museum, but said he had been forced into it by his ex-partner.

Suspending a 12-month prison sentence for a year, Judge Jonathan Haworth told Livesey, whose “impeccable and impressive” references included one from an Air Commodore: “If ever there was a day that you needed to put that character in the balance and rely on it, today is it.”

Livesey originally began claiming incapacity benefit genuinely in 1992 following what he called an Army accident which left him with a spinal injury and unable to work.

But in 1999 after years of doing voluntary work and studying for a degree in the history of warfare, he was employed at the museum full-time.

Meanwhile, the self-styled ex-Para continued to pocket incapacity benefit he was not entitled to, the court heard.

Museum bosses later distanced themselves from Livesey and even cancelled his planned wedding ceremony which was to be held at the venue.

The Cambridgeshire author’s website, which has now been taken down, previously stated: “He joined the Army, where, thanks to his shooting skills, he found himself in the Parachute Regiment.

“This was his life for the next 20 years, including five tours of duty in Northern Ireland, where he won the MM (Military Medal), and the Falklands War, where he served with the 2nd Battalion.”

Books by Livesey include Armoured Fighting Vehicles of World Wars I and II.

Livesey later said he had a letter from the Army confirming he had been in the Intelligence Corps for 20 years, but could not show it because of the Official Secrets Act.

The Army issued a further denial of his claims.

Livesey must answer police bail on January 19.

Great news, he spoiled an episode of Miltary Machines on Sky the other day when the ugly ponce suddenly appeared on my screen talkin bollocks, well thats 2 arrested this month. Good Drills.


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