Jack Daniels the drink not me

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. Yes - I am a bourbon addled drunk

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  2. No - The drink of champions

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  1. I was told last night by a certain member of this site that my fave tipple, and I quote ''fcuking stinks'', I was shocked by this but it got me thinking does it really stink as my sense of smell whilst drinking it has long gone. Am I being selfish in drinking it and subjecting all around me to the whiff of bourbon or should I just crack on?
  2. I'm a devoted Jim Beam drinker myself, j-d, so I'm inclined to say that any bourbon (with the best being JB, of course) is no less than a golden and god-worthy nectar...
  3. I'll drink with you anyday Sir! As for the heathen that said it to me, you know who you are!
  4. If sombody else doesn't like it... bummer.
  5. I can't stand jack daniels myself - drink a proper single malt
  6. Bah. Forrin muck.
  7. I prefer JB to JD as I find it less "harsh". But I prefer JD to SoCo and any other spirit, except Voddy if course.
  8. J-d for me fella's, It's in my hip flask in my smock pocket before i pack anything else. Have you had the green label stuff yet? there's some other Vintage J-d's in my local offy that i'm yet to try with a siver label.
  9. I had a mad sesh on whiskey in my youth and it put me off it for life, you know the score, ill for days etc but I like bourbon for some reason. Strange.
  10. I have a bottle of silver label about a foot away from me at the mo!
  11. Got to admit, I am partial to the odd glass or two of single barrel :D
  12. I have a friend who states that JD smells like "clock oil and orange juice". I remind him that he's a cnut and that Mr Jack's finest is a gift from above!
  13. jack and me are very good mates....hate birds that add coke to it!
  14. Jack or Jim it's good for me, which non believer adds anything to the nectar of the gods, these are the only two good things that come out of the US of A, or are they?
    oh dear this may start another thread??
  15. I've never even met you!