Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 81cufc, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Apparently this is the good stuff, which at 40 notes a bottle I guess it should be?

    My question my learned friends is quite simple . . . Is it any good?

    I don't wanna find out it's the same as a normal bottle of Old No.7 & could've just got two bottles of that instead!
  2. As a lifelong drinker of all things JD......if you drink JD with a mixer, then stick with No7.

    If you like it neat, then give it a go. Nice with a bit of ice.
  3. Revolting drink, over hyped reputation truly REVOLTING!
  4. Fixed that for you.......
  5. Cheers smudge. I drink it with a mixer when out, so as to slow the inevitable down, but when staying in drink neat.
  6. I spat out my Pina Colada at that! :)
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  7. I had the pleasure of visiting the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg on a day off while working in Fort Campbell a few years ago. What amazed me even more than the water in the cave spring staying at a constant temperature of 56° all year round, and the 70 Million Barrels stored in the 70 different warehouses dotted around the countryside (after a massive fire many years ago that destroyed the Distillery's entire stock of JD, some clever chap came up with the idea of building several warehouses and separating them to prevent such a thing happening again), was the fact that Lynchburg is actually a "DRY" County! and you CANNOT sample a JD In-Situ or even in the Jack Rabbit shop!

    Actually it would be great if ARRSE could buy one of those Barrels as you can personalise the labels of the several hundred bottles of Single Barrel that comes out of it, you also get a brass plaque put on the barrel and on the Wall of Fame, that would indeed be a very unique bottle of Single Barrel ARRSE Jack Daniels :) It all comes nicely Palletized also but is quite costly:

    If you have a whole bunch of cash and really love Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, you can buy your own single-barrel of Jack. Depending upon how much booze is in the barrel, the price will be approximately $12,000. That's a lot of Jack. You get to come to the distillery and taste a few select barrels and decide which one suits you. Then the whiskey is bottled with your own personal label and shipped to you - and you get the empty barrel too.

    If you ever get a chance to visit the Distillery go for it, it is a great day out, there is a furniture shop in town called The Barrel Shop that sells furniture made out of the old Oak Barrels they used to age the JD in, some awesome bits of Guuchi items in there...

  8. Over-rated Yankee horse-piss. Give me a nice glass of Isle of Jura with a drop of water any day (no ice).
  9. I thought you were "canning this shite"? You Mike Tierney fan you.
  10. Spoken like a real whisky drinker, good effort.
  11. Spoken like a real spacktard

    JD isn't a whiskey, it's a sour mash. Which is either gonna be a Bourbon, or a Tennessey Whiskey. Not a Scotch.

    For what it's worth, I have a wide range of excellent Scotches also. Feel any better now?
  12. JD cannot be a bourbon because it has added flavour ie: filtered through charred maple chips. It is a Tennessee Whiskey. Anorak off. If I was going to spend that sort of cash on Spam liquor I would buy Maker's Mark, great bourbon...
  13. I didn't say that it was a Bourbon. I do like Makers Mark however :)
  14. None intended, just pointing out the reason for diff btw the two. good single malt or a decent bourbon will do me ta....
  15. There's a whole thread on Bourbons somewhere........