Jack brews!

I was going to ask this in the Crimbo Tea Mug thread but thought it would deviate too much.

I've been in my current job for 10 months now and in that time I've never witnessed one of the guys here make a round of brews. He's happy to make his own if he's been missed out, but will never be the first to get up and put the kettle on for others.

I wouldn't mind if his corner of the workshop was a blur of activity, but he produces the least work and what he does do is of poor quality. this is despite him being the second longest serving employee.

I'm after your voices of experience on how to deal with this miscreant.

He is, in my opinion, a cunt of the highest order.
Get the kettle on, there's a good chap.
I never make brews not even for myself, but then I also never expect anyone to make brews......If you feel put out by this chap, just stop being a fanny and tell him to get the brews on.


Jack brews are a crime against nature and an offence to God.

When making a brew I always go 'round and check to see if anyone wants one, and it usually pays off as other people will offer to make me brews so it's all good.

What I don't like are NCOs who stand next to the kettle for 10 minutes then go off to find one of the blokes who's in the middle of a job and get them to make them a brew, and then leave a half drunk brew around for the blokes to clean up. I can only assume that when people go in front of the CO to get promoted he sets about their arms with a sledge hammer resulting in them being incapable of doing anything for themselves.

Rant over.
Get me a brew or I'll tell yer mum yers a felcher.
Ah, is the whining tea-bitch gettng all uppety because a big nasty man won't make him one?

Simple, don't make him one until he does the rounds.

Worked for a troppy on my wagon (read Tank); we didn't make him dinner on night because he always seemed to on an O group every time it was his turn. We found out he was in the 432 CP drinking brews with a bunch of HQ Tp. So when he returned from his 'O group' to find no scoff, he was all shouty and stompy but was told in no uncertain terms he has to pull his weight or starve. And no, RHIP doesn't always work.
What's more important than tea? The British empire was built on it, and slavery of course.
Oh god, not only a weak spineless twat who can't make a cuppa, but also one of those limp wristed, slimey liberal apologist who think that Britain invented slavery despite the fact that it was instrumental in abolishing it.
What's more important than tea? The British empire was built on it, and slavery of course.
Now it's greedy banking, a shallow celebrity obsession and a non-existent immigration policy
Shit in his top drawer with a postit from the "Jack Brew Fairy"...he'll probably get the message...
perhaps he is just bowing to your superior tea-bagging skills, not wanting to draw any further attention to his his clear inferiority to you in the workplace. I would pity the man rather than persecute him. You could always give him a demonstration on how do dip his bag for optimal flavour, he would thank you for it

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