Discussion in 'Juniors' started by polar69, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Picture the scene you've returned off exercise and in the process of degunging kit etc
    All your kit is accounted for

    You get called away to wash the bedford

    When you come back this is the story
    "Well we handed all the kit in, but I was short of a <insert kit here>, your kit was last in as you were not here so I took yours. It's okay isn't it , we'll see you all right"

    Jack **** or what
  2. Jack as fcuk. If I were you, I'd do the exactly the same thing to them at the earliest opportunity that is of the same value and give the same reply in return and see what their response is. Fight fire with fire especially when it comes to costing you financially. I've been stung heavily in the past when it came to kit and the guilty party (although I couldn't prove it at the time) just stood back and watched whilst I got C126'd.
  3. Jack ****$ like that need some Counselling from No's 1&2 Fists. The bottom line is that the git Stole it from you and thieving pikey sticky fingered $hits need sorting out.
  4. What I used to do was get all my guys to sign a blank P1954 (if my memory is correct ??) prior to going on ex. That way if they lost any kit, I filled in the appropriate bits and Robert is my fathers brother, the scrote got billed for it. Focused their minds very quickly!
    Obviously when we recovered and everything was cleaned and checked, I tore up the forms. The slight downside to this (other than
    ethics and possibily legality) was that a couple of blokes started 'finding' kit......
  5. Jack Bastard.
  6. Taking without authority with intent to deprive...yup that sounds like theft to me..leather them or charge them, over to your conscience to decide their fate.
  7. in days of old it was 'No Name No Claim' so i would encourage people to get their names on everything they have signed for!
  8. the item wouldnt happen to be a tool of some description? would it polar?????? they were jack as feck for that some of them at least gave you money towards the p1954 some of them didnt give you any money as they objected saying well i handed one in (yeah the one that you got of polars bergan cnut)
  9. ******* barstewerds < sob> :( :(

    still at least I could afford to replace it , and hundreds like it bwhahwhahwhah

    Its the principle dontcha know !!!

    Mind you I think I made about £2 profit :p
  10. ******* barstewerds < sob> :( :(

    still at least I could afford to replace it , and hundreds like it bwhahwhahwhah

    Its the principle dontcha know !!!

    Mind you I think I made about £2 profit :p
  11. So continuing the theme

    "What is the jackest thing someone has done to you"
  12. In a society like civvie street, theft is tolerated, but not justified, due to the tiered system of class and the levels of poverty ( and dare I say it, luck). The army is different. It puts all recruits from many different backgrounds into the same uniform, treats them the same and pays them the same. To that end if I ever catch people nicking any of my kit, even a set of twisters, I will beat the living shit out them. A similar attitude would serve you proud.
  13. 8O 8O I feel that an entrenching tool to the side of the head deters jack sh*ts from light fingering personal kit. You only have to be driven to this level of needless violence once. Message sent and understood :evil: :twisted:
  14. That is not only Jack it is sheer cheek to tell you about it!!!!!

    At least dick turpin wore a mask so you didn't know who he was.

    Don't steal his kit, prove you are better than that by making sure everything you own is name and numbered and if the thieving pikey sh1t so much as looks at your kit again... punch him and let him know that it is your kit not his.

    Maybe mention his antics to a few people around you, just to blow of steam obviously.

    He is a jack fatherless.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There was a dippy BW Jnr ldr who thought it clever to borrow my gloves woolen without asking. He was a backsquad and not the brightest. Caught out at locker inspection as he hadnt removed my name tags, tsk tsk. Pads the thieving gits stealing KFS from your inerga pouch on active edge when you cemo was stacked in the pad room. Why was it a pad room, idle beanstealers only ever used it to steal our gear. Should have been our common room or whatever, we did hold a good smoker in there before belfast in 83. Boat race!