Jack: A Soldiers Story: BBC1 21:00 - 22:00

For those that missed this when it was broadcast in October, repeated this evening at 21:00hrs on BBC One and thereafter on BBC iPlayer. Or record it for future viewing.

BBC today broadcasting a trailer throughout today.

Following on from the BAFTA-shortlisted Panorama programme Taking on the Taliban, Ben Anderson catches up with 24-year-old Lance Corporal Jack Mizon of the Queen's Company, Grenadier Guards.

Mizon was a hero in Aghanistan, in the thick of some of the fiercest fighting that left two of his fellow soldiers dead and many more seriously wounded. He was honoured for his bravery, but back home in the UK he is struggling to readjust to civilian life and has become involved in frequent fights near his Aldershot barracks.

Anderson follows his exploits for two months in Afghanistan and then back home as Jack is charged with assault and GBH, stripped of his rank, and faces the prospect of four years in a civilian prison.

Fair play to the BBC on the scheduling of this on BBC1 at primetime.

Anyone lurking who has never visited Combat Sress, here is a link. For those of you who would like to donate something more practical then outrage, here is one of those useful linkies to their donations page - go on, ya know you want to.
Know the lad, nightmare in camp but on the ground you couldnt ask for anyone better on your side. Or if it kicked off down the pub!

Although when it says "this is the first time this patrol base has been attacked" towards the end, I seem to remember shinning across that rooftop a good 6 weeks earlier ducking the green tracer!

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