jack 3 d is it banned in the army?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by royal_scot, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi there i was wondering if a sports supplement called jack 3d would show up on a drugs test the main ingredients are 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) Some people at work say it wont others say it will have asked the PTI's and no one is sure so nobody wants to try it incases it does as don't want to get into trouble does anybody know or know where I could find out. Thanks for reading
  2. Ask your med centre, probably the easiest way to find out.
  3. ******* Jocks! Smack 'eds the lot of them!

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  4. Whats wrong with a proper meal before hand? I have never seen any doping problems around steak and chips!
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  5. unless your training at professional athelete level most of this stuff is a waste of time and money even then it will only give a small % increase
    on performance possibly diffrence between 1st and 2nd place in a race.
    but the whatever good it will do would be instantly undone by a pint or a bag of chips.
    if you can live on grilled chicken 6 times a day litres of water and a weekly small glass of wine knock yourself out with supplements and protein shakes back in the real world
  6. Yes cheers for that you ******* creature I bet your not even in the army as they don't take pre op transsexuals. Stop trolling ya ******* pipe.
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  7. I take it she/he was your inspiration to get your on sex change done? Lol thick jock **** is that the best you can do i bet you sit on these forums all day being a ******* stroke box waiting for your BF to come home and beat on you.
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  8. Best I can do? No. All you're worth, yup.

    I didn't go down the sex change route, as your dad prefers my cock.
  9. It's not the Jack3d you need to lay off, it's the roids Mr stompy.
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  10. Not pissed off all I asked is a innocent question and he comes in with bullshit about jocks being smack heads I have served with English and Irish and welsh soldiers in places like Iraq and afghan without dramas I come here and get insulted.
    So no roid rage here mate maybe people need to get out a wee bit more.
  11. A so you are gay i thought as much.
  12. Glad I kept the popcorn I bought for yesterday's NOTW, before it was binned, thread now.