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Hi there,

Can any docs/medics out there tell me how long the following jabs are in date/valid for: typhoid, diptheria, yellow fever, hep a, meninghitus (a and c) and rabies.

many thanks for your help

The currant service policy on this can be found in SGPL 08/05. Your friendly medic should be able to find you a copy. But in answer to your question the following periods of protection apply.

Typhoid - 3 years.
Diptheria - 10 years. (usually given with tetnus)
Yellow Fever - 10 years.
Hepatitis A - 10 years (providing the full initial course of two jabs has been completed)
Meningitis A+C - 3 years (as you have not identified the exact type of A+C given this is the lowest period)
Rabies - 2 years (providing the full course of 3 doses has been completed)

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