Jabrons Funeral

I went to Jabrons funeral yesterday, I just want to let everyone know how WELCOMING his family and community made us non Muslims feel. Very dignified and fitting.
Thanks, than needed to be said.

Next time the tabloid writers try and tell us the contry is polarised along ethnic lines, it will have a hollow ring to it.

Sadly the tabloids do not spend much time round here,
unlike some others Arrse in Times

I have always enjoyed Muslim hospitality in Bosnia, most of the Gulf and the Indonesian Achipelligo.

So why should Birmingham be any different?
( I don't think anyone in the Corps would expect otherwise)
I can second Winged Monkey's comment - indeed we were told on more than one occasion that it was an honour to have us. Very humbling. Best wishes to Z and his family.
I can third that comment, although I missed the initial welcoming for all the guys sat inside the mosque, I can truthfully say that I never felt more than welcome, I am very honoured to have been welcomed so well, and wish Jabs' and Zees' community and family all the best
Unfortunately a colleague and I couldn't make it due to being overseas and a lack of regular flights but it is good to hear that there was such a welcoming atmosphere - knowing both Z and Jabs I am not surprised it was anything but welcoming. Has anyone heard any details as to whether there is to be a memorial service for Jabs as for MB?
An article contrasting Jabron with bomber Shezad Tanweer. A half decent article with kind words. They say Jabba was Royal Signals, you'd think they'd a least try and get somthing like that right and show the guy some respect by making sure they print the correct details. I know Zee quite well and wish him and all the family and friends my deepest sympathy.


I'm dropping the guy a line to let him know.

There will be a memorial service for Jabron at some point. It will be in consultation with his family and at a time to allow his friends who are currently deployed to attend. Details will be disseminated in the usual way through the chain of command and via ICA.

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