J2 jobs with ISAF

There are currently two jobs open for Int types at HQ ISAF, Kabul. Link as follows:


RC W Analyst. Basic Int analyst position, taking info from various sources and turning out intelligence products. Would suit ex INT CORPS Cpl or above. Salary is about €67,700 plus €74 per day spent in theatre.

Systems Collator. This one is the No. 2 civilian slot in the CJ2 collation cell. Duties involve collating INTSUMs etc to a database, producing basic (REALLY basic) int products and some admin (duty rosters, leave planning, writing evaluations etc) and a lot of dealing with staff officers. Would suit ex INT CORPS SNCO. Salary is about €83,700 plus €74 per day spent in theatre.

Both jobs are tax free, paid in Euros, subsidised health insurance (you pay about €75 a month) and two flights home a year. Total leave works out at 49 working days a year, so nearly 10 weeks. You have to pay for meals and laundry, but you get your very own end of a corimec at no cost. If you've already signed off and get offered an ISAF ICC job you'll get a couple of months' grace to sort out early release etc. Just make sure you have a valid SC clearance and the paperwork to prove it from DVA (JPA printouts not acceptable.)
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