J Wilson, 3rd Scots guards surprise.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Listy, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. I recently found a bargain on-line. A book which is out of print that I have read in the past, and wanted to find again to add to my collection. The Cheapest I'd seen it before last week was £45, so when I found one in a second hand books shop for £12+ P&P I nailed it as fast as I could.

    The book was Patrick Forbes "6th Guards tank brigade".

    I get home today from work, and find its arrived. Imagine my surprise when I see its dust jacket is still in place, even if its slightly foxed. My surprise continued to grow when I opened the book and a sheaf of papers fell out.

    The first was a Railway Clerks Association Branch meeting notice, dated from 1947. I've still got to work out what this has to do with the subject material.

    The Next was an order of Service from a memorial service for a "Jonathan Wilson". This was dated Sunday, November the 10th, 1946. On a Hunch I flicked through to the Books Roll of honour, and there Entry #4 Was one Guardsman Wilson, J, from the Brigades HQ.

    The last two pieces of paper were additional notes, hand written referencing pages in the book. They are, I find very hard to read, so I've not done more than glance at them. On these notes there's no clue as to whom the mystery author is.
    Referencing Page 64.
    Referencing Page 73, front.
    Referencing Page 73, Rear.

    Then I spotted something inside the book. Its another note. Same type of paper, same ink and same hand who wrote the other notes, only this one is glued inside. Dedicating the Book to "Johnny", then it expands on this nick name, and states Guardsman Jonathan Wilson.
    This note is Signed off with a name (which I can't read) and his position as Commander, 14th Troop.

    So I asked around, and did some digging, but someone else found out the following.
    There was a poet called Jonathan Wilson who was a Lt in the Scots guards. Who comes up on the Commonwealth War graves commission site. There's also a brief account of the action were he was killed.
    Taken from here.

    I've Emailed the Marlborough college chapel to see if they can add anything.

    Does anyone else have anything to contribute, or plain old advice on what I could do next? I ask as this is a first for me in all my years reading up on history. I've never gotten hold of unique unseen primary documents before.
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  3. Listy, I have transcribed those notes for you.
  4. Thanks, I know I can be a blind bugger sometimes.