J.Saville Bandwagon Reaches the Sahibs

Whether or not there is truth in this (below) is perhaps of less importance compared with the fact that it's probably true to say that without the Jimmy Saville bandwagon, or a desire to be victims, it wouldn't be being publicised.

A couple of caveats;
  • Wendy Harbon is a bit of a fruitcake and is what might be termed a Gurkha Groupie.
  • She is only a mouth-piece for a Gurkha faction -mainly Rais and Limbus, probably just a sub-set of the United British Gurkhas Ex-Servicemen's Association (UBGEA).
  • Very likely, all this is anecdotal.
  • It's appears only on the Mirror facebook page, it's unlikely that the Mirror will run with it.
  • She loves the greengrocer's apostrophe.
Wendy M HarbonThe Mirror

REF: Sexual Abuse Within The Gurkha Regiment’s, By Some British Army Officers, Some Gurkha’s Now Say Happened, With The Brigade of Gurkha’s Covered It Up So The MoD Did NOT Find OUT Too?.
Date: 13th of August 2014.
Namaste Gurkha Friends and Supporters,
We don't know how the British Supporters of the Gurkha's are going to take the following news, it will be interested in their reactions to the following.
Over the last few days we have been contact now, by more and more Gurkha's asking us and telling us about sexual abuse events and cases in the Gurkha's and what can Gurkha veteran's and their Families do about it now or who they can trust to go to etc?.
From what we have heard and been told, we are totally shocked and disgusted and we think many of you will be too.
We heard about some British Army Officer's sexually abusing if not openly raping young Gurkha soldiers in the Far East in the 1980's and 1990's, or before, with this happening in 2nd Gurkha Rifles, 6th Gurkha Rifles, 7th Gurkha Rifles, 10th Gurkha Rifles and Queen's Gurkha Signal's, also Gurkha's saying they believe it must have happened in both Queen's Gurkha Engineer's and Queen's Gurkha Transport more than likely too.
It rambles on and on in much the same vein.
Link here;

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