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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spr-dunne, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. can anyone help me here and tell me why the pen pushing button tapping ejits at JPA havent paid me in months? :x
  2. Didnt you know - we are all psychic here :D

    Must be some admin issue.

    Or IT.

    JP F'nA - its good to see someone else is having a worse time of it than me :roll:
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Quick fault finder for you:

    1. Have you actually turned up for any training?
    2. Have you completed (and signed) paysheets for that training?
    3. Have you handed them in to the person who enters your pay details onto JPA?
    4. Are your bank details accurate on JPA?

    People may think I am taking the pish, but have encountered all of these as "faults" when looking into JPA queries.

    "JPA's shite - I've not been paid for my course". On investigation, soldier had never even completed a paysheet, let alone submitted it.

    Investigate your own admin first, then check with your unit clerk/PSAO.

    Semi-literate whining on an anonymous internet site is hardly likely to solve your problems, is it?
  4. Ahh but you give your pay clerk a box of Chocs for Crimbo..works for me :)

    and what he said !
  5. Why should you have to 'pay' someone to actually do what they are already being paid to do?

    As bad as the BFG Lisencing Office used to be...... turn up to pick up a senior officer's BFG plates with 'nice bottle of wine to oil the process', to find yourself in a queue of others, each sporting wine, chocolates or flowers etc when they are already paid to do the job anyway. Shouldn't happen.
  6. bit more info needed

    what bank are you with?

    when did u mobilise?

    Have you raised an ISP?
  7. If you've recently transferred units it always takes an age to appear on the system. In the meantime if you're struggling for cask your PSAO should be able to give you a cheque or something to cover what you're owed IF you have handed in paysheets to cover that.
  8. I been having same trouble
    Just home from yet another drill night after being told 'sorry chum you're still not getting paid yet'
    6 months without receiving anything but empty promises is becoming a real issue and extremely de-motivating for me.

    I normally hate moaning and groaning but this is outrageous any other employer would have been sacked or taken to court over this. It has a detrimental effect on the moral of recruits awaiting pay after 6 months but there are those who have been in longer living on the same stuff we are being fed.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Write to your Sqn Comd highlighting the issue and ask for a cash payment to be made in lieu.

  10. The cash payments are called EPIC (early payment in Cash). They should be signed off by the CO, which then highlights to the CoC the issue. That is of course assuming that your RHQ still has an imprest account. What does your statement of earnings say? Is the issue that the money is not getting to your account (was the case with some of by blokes)?

    In addition to the good advice from the Duke, ask for confirmation that 'the elements' have been entered.
  11. just a point my fellow i wrote the wrong title i was meant to also add has anyone got any tips into why this might be happening and also i was just bringing to air my difficultys with them but thankyou for your comments and tips i will have a look i will see about EPIC it sounds rather good
  12. im not quite to that stage yet but this has been 3 months sorry 4 months now i know exactly where your coming from
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I think I have deciphered your code.

    Are you saying that you have checked all of the issues re paysheets and bank account details and still not been paid?
  14. all paysheets are in order and details are also correct
    we keep being told there is a problem with the system that is affecting the whole squadron's recruits
  15. So you have not recieved a penny in four months? What do you live on?