J.P.A. and claims

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by WRAPJOBAGAIN, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. OK here gos can i clam for razor blades hair cuts.
    on J.P.A if so your help in this matter would be appreciated.

    i look forward to incoming.
  2. let me know if u can , be nice to claim for the stuff THAT we have to buy cheers jonah
  3. You can claim for anything on JPA, whether it'll pass an audit is another matter - meaning that its possible you'd have to pay it back at a later date, and also explain why you'd claimed it in the first place.

    I think the items you're talking about (razor blades/boot polish/haircuts) are able to be claimed back against income tax, but I'd imagine the paperwork involved is pretty complicated for such a small amount, and have never bothered. I've no doubt someone will correct me on this and let you know the easy way to do it!
  4. yea hope so , be nice to get some money back from the army after 15yrs service lol
  5. i currently claim for missed meals on a daily basis as the job i do.

    but what i need to find out is can you claim for razor blades/boot polish/haircuts.
  6. I bet there is something written somewhere that states that the CQMS is appointed as barber, therefore precluding it from being a claimable thing.

    Although i may be talking shite.
  7. yes i think you are talkin shite fella.
  8. well anyone else know anything about this topic.
  9. No, you cannot. I think your on about the duty rumour that floated around about 6 months ago reference tax refunds. Had a letter from the tax man giving a great big fcuk off tablet.

    So, to re-iterate, you cannot claim for razorblades/haircuts/boot polish on JPA. If you don't believe me, dig up JSP 752, which covers allowances, and try and find it in there. :roll:
  10. cheers fella.
  11. Correct answer, it isn't and probably never will be put in the 752, however regarding the Tax rebate on Laundry costs ect ect this is in the chain and we are still awaiting an answer from that devishly good looking tax man (if you are a tax man, then maybe you could give us an answer!! :D )
  12. there's no waiting the answer is clear - there is NO tax break regarding laundry. This has gone the rounds on RLI, particularly through RAF channels as a 'T' letter from command. The position is this:

    officers have an element built into their tax at present to account for laundry, other personnel are entitled to use laundry facilities on base.

  13. Now that's just plain nasty. Accusing me of being a tax man - how very dare you!

    As Furq said, you can get your kit washed at the SQMS, so tough (as long as you don't need it back within 2 weeks!).