I hear from now on that it's going to be 'assessed'.

Not just a week off from work then in future - I had a good time catching up with old muckers.

tattybadger said:
What's JOLP?
Junior Officer Leadership Programme - replaced the old JOTES that leadses into JOTAC (Junior Offcier Tactics Cse). Both have to be comlpeted for successful promotion to capt. You then get 3 short courses Military Analysis as part of the Military Knowledge 2 (MK2) syllabus for promotion to maj and a place on the ICSC(L)

it sounds a bit like that 45 second warning that your alimentary system gives you just before it goes rapidly into reverse and delivers several gallons of nicely warmed through beer, and the half of that kebab that you managed to finish, all down your front

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