J K Rowling

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by lsquared, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Yes - absolutely stunning!!

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  2. Very attractive

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  3. OK, wouldn't crawl over her to get to you

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  4. Sorry lsquared but visit SpecSavers

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  5. Woof, woof!

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  1. For some time now I have thought that the photographs of the author J K Rowling depict an exceptionally good looking woman. Is this just my age, or am I gazing from time to time upon a seriously beautiful, - Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman class, - lady?

    I fear I'm not 'in with a chance' though, as I have not read any of her books (and at 66 I'm probably about six months too old). Sadly, the last time I read books about school-boys they were called Hurree Jamset Ram Singh, Harry Wharton, Bob Cherry and, of course, Billy Bunter.

    Come on guys and gals - tell me. Be honest, be truthful and be blunt if necessary - am I just a sad old man with regard to this matter?
  2. Yes mate you are a sad old man :wink:

    Id say moose though, Im picky

    edited to say when beer goggles are on (and wife not looking over my shoulder Id give her ONE out of ten
  3. Oh! no! I honestly thought it was love. :(
  4. It's heresy to even ask the question, in my opinion. Would you talk about fcuking the people who wrote the bible or the koran?

    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.
  5. Whilst not stunning to look at she does have other attractions ££
  6. Who cares what she looks like. She's got so much loot that you'd never know what she really looked like, even if you woke up on top of her every morning.

    Which isn't a bad thought....
  7. lsquared I am with you on this, she's a babe
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    No cause they're blokes and it'd be gay.

    Edit to add, she's been doing herself up alot more lately, they had some pictures in the scum yesterday I think and she looks alot different to when she started writing Harry Potter and appearing in the press.
  9. The things money can buy eh, even Harry thought she was a minger when the first book was released. :wink:
  10. I'd rather nail Harmione Granger!

    Hullo little schoolgirl. I'm a little schoolboy too...

    I'm a bad, bad man. I'm going to Hell for that one. :twisted:
  11. Lets face it she is stinking Rich and quite good looking and with that amount of money they can make any one look good.
  12. Hmm - we don't KNOW that all of the authors were men, but a discussion of that would be to derail the thread :D

    Agreed, on the Jonathon Ross show, she'd tarted herself up a lot since HP1 came out. And if it wouldn't be very, very wrong to even think about it, yes, I probably would. Hermione, however *shivver* - anyone got a copy of that photo of her in shorts? But this is all by the by - FIVE DAYS TO GO!
  13. Well Isquared, I would certainly climb over Posh Spice and Kate Moss to get to J.K. but being of a similar age to yourself, perhaps I prefer the more sophisticated ladies.
    As for her books, I have read them all, the first one because my grandaughter insisted, and the later ones out of choice. May I suggest you nip down to the local library and get one of the earlier ones ( which, or should that be witch, I think are the better ones ). You will see she has a rare talent and a brilliant imagination. For instance a street in one of the wizardy places is named Diagon Alley---Geddit
  14. I fcukin would. Many times.
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I find the lady agreeable on several counts:

    1. She looks better than many.
    2. She has more money than most.
    3. She is capable of holding a conversation in English ... which makes the morning after a more agreeable prospect.