J Clarkson on have I got news for you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hedgie, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. as ever excellent

    a certain female sailor is

    a topic of discusssion
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Too much Saturday drinking for you, I believe
  3. Ah! Hedgie!

    Back from the Pav, I see. "Purpose : drinking, and embracing of virgins" See : http://www.centerforbookculture.org/casebooks/casebook_swim/gallagher.html

    JC was excellent, as always. Tho' some ARRSErs dislike him . . . Car-envy, methinks.

    Now why not get him and Dr McDowell to open the IDF Boathouse? The crack (I refuse to call it craic, as crack was what it was for many centuries) would be superb.
  4. Hi Caubeen

    Not the Pav unfourtunatley

    but Joanna Lumley was speaking to the Phil Society last night

    My day yesterday was an early finish a

    A few beers in Fishamble Street whilst watching

    an out door version of Handels Messiah

    Some Cuture - some J Arthur in the sun and

    gizillions of thongs and g strings
  5. Excellent Show

    I did enjoy the idea of the new Navy Salute, but not the thought of Faye Turney on page 3, felt the bile in my throat :pukel:
  6. Fekkit! I'm far from Erin's shore, it's freezing cold, and ivvrythin's gone all small and shrivelled-up. Mention of thongs just causes the numbness to wear off, and then it starts to h-u-r-t.

    Seems like only yesterday that I was in F'amble St., and decanted from my sedan chair to hear young Handle's oratorio. April 13, 1742 t'was. I dispensed half-a-dozen groats to the deserving poor 'twixt Trinity and the Playhouse - resulting in my having to fast for almost a week, due to poverty.

    April 13??!! Some fekker has missed a day in this otherwise admirable revival. Take his name, and report it to Dr. McDowell.

    Pints of J Arthur in the sun implies you are not one of these young peasants who likes it severely chilled. I always knew you were a sound bloke!

    And after Mr Handel's nice affair, we had a German cove called Bach who gave us his Air On A G-String. Would that be related to what you describe so tantalisingly briefly?

    'spose not . . . .
  7. And I do beg your pardon.

    That mention of J. Lumley (sigh . . . ) quite put me off my stroke, causing me to forget that yesterday was indeed the Thirteenth, so making the Oratorio's revival perfectly symmetrical.

    If McDowell invites her to Dublin just one more without telling me, I'll scratch him off my Christmas card list. Chiz! And stamps foot. Vigorously.
  8. Clarkson - Spot ON - New CDS - yes please!
  9. Is this repeated?
  10. It is now.

    I've checked on Digiguide and there don't appear to be any repeats scheduled.
  11. I thought Clarkson was funny and did better than some of the other presenters who always seem to be glued to the autocue.

    Worth catching if it is repeated. The Navy got a good kicking!

  12. Clarkson is very much his own man, and often wanders away from the autocue - much to the alarm of his producers, and - occasionally - the BBC's lawyers.

    Good bloke. We should have far more of him . . .