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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Nato Standard123, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Being a Sarf lunden scrote, I've spent many an hour in the IWM Lambeth from when I was a snotty kid up to the bald, fat feck that I am now....luckily like most men, I can put on a clean shirt, look in the mirror and still convince myself I still look good and can compete with much younger, better looking bar stewards

    Never been to IWM Duxford until today. Met up with a few old and bold and got the rattler from Liverpool Strasse. Decided to do it as our annual oversea's visit with the Association had gone off to Ypres this weekend....yet again. Been several time already.

    Not a bad way to spend a few hours. Impressive aircraft sections including B52's, B17's, 29's, Concorde Phantom, even had a real life Spit flying about. Also has reasonable land warfare section with many feild and AT Guns, AFV's and displays of 20th Century warfare that involved us lot......oh, and some Spangle nick nacks ;-)

    Worth a visit IMHO.
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  2. Would love to go again and this time see their Colditz Collection, plans of the Colditz Glider etc.
  3. Love IWM at Lambeth and Duxford, but IWN of the North at Salford is dire.
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  4. Wait until they 'do' Lambeth and make it 'Interactive and inclusive' ready for the 1914 Centenary.
  5. Is the VC&GC collection still at IWM Lambeth.
  6. I went a couple of years ago, I was there first thing and thought I'd just work from left to right and have plenty of time to see it all. So much for that idea, by 12.30 I still hadn't left the main hangar so spent the afternoon legging it between the things I really wanted to see. I reckon to do it justice you could spend a couple of days there. I didn't even have time to locate Suzannah York's trench!
  7. IWM North is totally pointless and not worth the bus fare. Someone's brilliant idea: a vast empty piece of modern 'art' with a Trabby in it. Right on! Duxford is ace.
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  8. 4th floor its now called the lord ashcroft gallery now ( I think ) took my son there last month he loved it
  9. Spent a whole day at Duxford with the children and had to drag them out, we were the last to leave. They still talk about it 6 years on. Well worth visiting.
  10. I went to Duxford recently and used my ID card to get in free.

    At Lambeth they have a Herrick display which I found fairly dusty. I have participated in their request for blueys and e mails diaries etc and I was thus heartbroken to discover my eloquant, witty and thought provoking master pieces have yet to go on display.

    I encourage arrsers with interesting Herrick dits to look on their website and submit their recollections too. As a veteran of the 'Battle of Bastion' I have plenty of stories but I don't like to talk about it, the memories too vivid, the hesco, the lack of tabs, the powdered milk, the horror, the horror...
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  11. Excellent place to go! IMHO best during the week as less busy and you get to see blokes actually fxing the planes and often see something exotic being run-up and whizzing about.
  12. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    This far in and no-one's mentioned the TSR.2 yet? Pah.

    I think in terms of the quality of the collection there, Duxford's among the best if not the best. It's a 'who's who' and 'what's what' of UK aircraft development. The USAF hall is an inspired building in and of itself and the land warfare hall is a gem (especially for spotters of Waffen SS camouflage uniforms... ;-) ).

    Another surprisingly good 'un if you fancy heading Chichester way is the old RAF Tangmere site. Last time I was there, among all the usual memorabilia and models, they had the Hawker Hunter airspeed record holder and a rather ugly Meteor with a proboscis... it was a trials aircraft for air-to-air refuelling. All very interesting in an uber-anoracky sort of way. And you can always head back via Arundel for a trip round the castle, cream teas and contemplation of middle age.

    Jeez, the local tourist board should snap me up...
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  13. That plane was impressive...a sort of up scaled harrier to my ignorant eyes. Luckily we had a spotter with us who being an ex Inf Csjt somehow had accuired a knowledge of cold war aircraft. He informed us all of it's state of the art 'thingy's' it had for it's time...until we chinned him and told him to bore off and leave us the feck alone as we were quite happy going 'ooh, ahh, look at that fecker, wonder how fast this one goes, etc , etc'
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  14. I only live 7 mile or so from Duxford and I go at least 3-4 times a year with my daughter, she loves it and loves pointing out the fact that "Daddy why are there so many things that you used to drive now in a museum?".

    If you get up there during the week you will normally see them test flying Spits and other aircraft from the collection. I believe they should have a Bristol Blenhim ready for next spring if all goes well.
  15. Do you mean the one from the film or are you letting us have a glance at your dreams?