IVSC - contacts?

Has anyone got contact details for the Itchen Valley shooting club? (Moody's Down range etc)

Moved into the area and looking to join but I get no reply from the email address on their website.
There is a shoot at moody’s down tomorrow 28/1/18 from 1300, maybe turn up and express an interest, I’m not a member but found info on their Facebook page.
Hi - I am a member of the IVSC, and just came across this by chance. Sorry if you got no reply from contacting the club via the website in Jan, it would have been me that should have replied!

I have occasionally had issues with some emails being filtered as spam either by the email service before I get them, and some by my email client "junking" them, maybe this happened. Also Google has had a habit of referring people to a 10 year old version of the website which had redundant contact details in it (now removed).

The live website is at www.ivsc.co.uk, there is a contact form on there (https://www.ivsc.co.uk/contact))which will email the club, or you can email the membership secretary direct using

I hope that helps.


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