IVF treatment funded by Army?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by oldcherryjumper, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. I recently heard of someone who had their IVF funded by the Army. Does anyone else know of the Army funding IVF and how we go about this?
  2. Got to be a wah
  3. Why should the army fund you just because you're barren? We've got enough shortages due to lack of money without frittering it away on birds who have ovaries drier than prunes.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Why would the Army provide any costs towards treatement? All health care is provided by the NHS which will fund an ammount of IVF.
  5. This isn't strictly correct. Army Primary Care (ie the GP service and Dental services) and some secondary services (mental health and physio as two examples) are not part of the NHS. This is one of the big problems when it comes to continuity of care when people leave the forces, especially for those with mental health problems.

    To the best of my knowledge there isn't an Army IVF service.

    Normally PCT Commissioning panels decide on eligibility for IVF treatment in line with their policies but in order to qualify under this you need to be registered with a civilian GP, which service personnel are not.

    I'm not sure what the relationships are between the APCTS and the NHS for areas like IVF, but there are several more exotic procedures that have been carried out on serving personnel (gender re-assignment being one) so there must be a similar commissioning process within the Defence Medical services.

    There must be a method of doing this somewhere as otherwise it's clearly inequitable access to care.
  6. Book an appointment with your primary health care provider (ie Medical Centre), if you are serving overseas and have no NHS access then the MOD will pay for two cycles of fertility treatment using a private arrangement or a London hospital.

    In UK I think you will be referred to the local NHS.

    Hope that helps, you have to speak to your MO/GP for the definitive answer but it is available.

    I really have no idea why other forum users have called this a 'wah' when it is clearly a genuine request for advice posted on the Health and Fitness forum :? :? :? Good luck with it when you finally gain access to the treatment :wink:
  7. Probably because like “Breast enlargement” this is not what many consider being a proper use of MOD funding. Is it not for the individual’s sole benefit and therefore should be paid for by the individual?

    Is Cherry a bloke or bird?
  8. They probably didn't realise that the person was overseas and not able to access NHS care. I should imagine that anyone would be uptight about this being funded from MOD funds when we have equipment shortages for people putting their lives on the line.
  9. However this is (in the end) paid for by the NHS rather than the MOD, and is actually rather different from breast enlargement which is now very rarely provided on the NHS, except in cases of mastectomy due to cancer. I can't recall our panel approving a request for it that wasn't connected with cancer within the last 12mths.

    IVF is routinely available on the NHS and therefore should be equally accessible to forces personnel.
  10. Does it matter what their gender is?

    The MOD deploys people overseas, away from the NHS. If that person needs medical care (and that was the original question and they do need medical care) then the MOD pays for that care to be delivered either in-theatre or back in the UK. Since the NHS cannot work to the MOD's timelines, the MOD usually has to pay for private treatment.

    First port of call in this instance is the MO, no matter where the soldier/spouse is serving.

    There was an issue with soldiers/spouses based in the UK always being shunted to the back of the NHS queue on posting, but that should now have been resolved. Soldiers/spouses in Germany are usually treated on the German net.

    As to the question of which treatment should be "free", well, we could devote a whole thread to that one! But not in this case!

  11. Yeh oldcherryjumper it was a fair enough question and this is not the place to argue for or against IVF, we can do that in the NAFFI site. Good luck to you and I hope all goes well.