Iveco LMV (Panther) Review/Images

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it looks like a plastic version of the HUmmer H1


The bonnet is plastic so well spotted!
Keep this quite, we don't want Richard North in here telling us what is wrong with it.
"Either way, Iveco has now delivered 120 LMVs to the MoD and officially there is still no word as to whether they will be deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan - although we have been given to understand that they might be used in Iraq soon. I would suggest that soon is not really soon enough."

Is this the important bit? Where are they and what are they doing? If they're still sat in the car park at Ashchurch it could be considered to be the wrong place!
From what I gather Mr North says its too dangerous to deploy overseas because its so different from anything else we've got (and as a command veh.) its a bullet magnet.


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Already discussed/article linked to here
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