Ive signed off and dont give a s*** attitude

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Eyeball, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. Fair one, people have had enough and sign off after x amount time done, but is there any need for the don't give a s*** attitude, not completing jobs and becoming lazy, it really annoys me because half the time it's us who ends up either doing the job for them of getting it in the neck, don't care about the job fine, but when your creating more work for your mates, I find that jack as f***.
  2. You aren't Bliar, secretly logged on to HMG's favourite website, talking about TCH are you...? :D
  3. It will always be the case, especially if someone is leaving just because they are p1ssed with the army. You find that people that are leaving for other reasons such as a new job opening, or they want to go back to school are normally quite cool about it and do the work required of them up until they leave.
    The "others" well you can do something about them, they are still soldiers and therefore you can still treat them like soldiers, if they become difficult to work with, well then you or their superiors get difficult with them, just the same as any other soldier not carying out his/her duties.
    On the other hand you could encourage them with alittle more responsibility and maybe in time talk them into withdrawing their papers.
    During my experience it seems that once a guy/girl has signed off, the troop OC and SSgt treat them like lepers therefore creating an attitude within themselves resulting in less productivity. I would treat them as I would any other person, keeping them busy and respecting their wishes to leave the forces. They might see the light and withdraw their papers. 8)
  4. If they're NCOs or higher then they still need to earn their pay at the end of the month. if they can't do it then perhaps a few three month warnings will lead to loss of rank?
  5. You aren't Bliar, secretly logged on to HMG's favourite website, talking about TCH are you...? :D[/quote]

    no, sorry, am not.
  6. beat them with pointy sticks,that'll teach them to sign off
  7. Serious response:... Ensure that there write-up/CV/ letter of recommedation/red book shows how work shy they can become! That might do the trick or the afore mentioned 3 month'er' which means there leaveing date slips until time done!

    Failing that the pointy sticks could work...with lots of dog excrement on the end...seemed to work at school when i wanted the younger chaps to give me their lunch money!!
  8. Sign off then.

  9. Step forward in to reality that man.... ffs its muppets like you that is the reason guys get out the army. I left because i was well peved with ds watchers and i see you fit well in to that . Change ya atitude and mabe just mabe the short timers will show some respect till they hand in there id cards. taking rank of them is just pathetic and totally uncalled for atitude.

  10. I think his point is if they've signed off and not acting like the rank they are then maybe they shouldnt have that rank. If a NCO is acting like a prick and not giving a fcuk then he should be disciplined wether he's signed off or not. Why should guys who have decided that they no longer want to be in the army get away with murder for a year? Why shouldnt they do the same job as the guys who haven't signed off? They're getting the same wage at the end of the month
  11. Have to agree with PD and the Bull. A Soldier should maintain their standards for as long as they wear the uniform and draw their wage.

  12. So what stopped you Boney ?
  13. I still wear the uniform and draw the wage. I havent heard anyone comment on a change in my usual low standards Disco :wink:

    Fcuking mechs, always the smart arrse :D

  14. It probably is hard to maintain the correct ethos, for a year, when you've signed off. After all most people sign off because they've had enough of the BS or similar. But as has been said, to slack off, jack on the lads or generally act a cnut is not on. A few benders or loss of stripes would sort it out nicely.

    I've generally found that a soldier treated well, however, doesn't do these things. They may slacken off in the military keenness side but they generally still work hard.

    And it is true some SNCO's and above do treat sign offs with either kid gloves or outcast them!
  15. It doesn't matter whether the guy has 12 months or 1 month to do, this is the contract between the parties involved.

    In civvy strasse you normally only get 1 months notice, this is because the company knows you don't give a fcuk and are only likely to spend the rest or your time looking for another job. This is understood and means they only take the hit for 1 month.

    The military, in its normal wisdom, decides to give the bloke 12 Months! to look for a new job. Fcukin' cheers easy! Is it not obvious that the guy is not going to give a shit knowing he is going to get paid and has a whole year to sort himself out?

    This is purely human nature and can only depend on the integrity of the individual to give his all for his remaining contract. There is nothing anybody can do about that apart from get bitter and twisted.

    The only solution would be, is for the military to adopt the civvy way of doing things and shorten the length of contracts it offers. This is currently the way things work in the jobs market.