Ive never felt less like hugging a hoodie

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. I've never felt less like hugging a hoodie
    Daily Telegraph
  2. bastards
  3. FFS, why do people do this? i hope they all die very slowly and painfully
  4. 10 years of neglect by this government and still people are being killed for standing up to the hooligan element in our society.We are NOT being protected by the Police any more because far too many of them are so pre-occupied with vast amouints of paperwork back at the station.As for community officers,well there as much use as a chocolate fire-guard with no powers of arrest other than that of the ordinary citizen.This is policing on the very cheap and certainly NOT value for money.

    May this man Rest in Peace and we sincerely hope that those involved are quickly brought to justice what ever that means.
  5. A lad I served with is now a Copper and he despairs of both what he see daily, and the inabilty to sort out people like this.

    Utter Scum, I personally resent paying to keep filth like this alive in Prison.
  6. As those who know me will attest, I'm generally a fairly liberal person, but I just have to say this:

    [align=center]HANGING'S TOO FUCKING GOOD FOR THEM!![/align]
  7. Throw 'em off the White Cliffs of Dover/Blackpool tower. That'll learn 'em.
  8. All the military need weapons training before going to the sand pit , use the scum as live targets ,
    a)makes it more realistic
    b) good deterant
    c) ensures they never commit another crime
    d) is relatively cheap , especially if we make their relatives pay for the ammunition
    e( makes training really enjoyable
    f)would do wonders for the recruiting figures
    p.s. wonder if MOD would let me back in at over 60?
  9. It is quite hopeless!

    The government is apparently powerless to deal with this home-grown filth. Much of the problem is the result of the abdication of their responsibilities by the parents of the human detritus littering our streets.

    The scales of justice are weighed so heavily in favour of the 'dog-dirt' that they laugh, quite literally, at all attempts to prevent their criminal behaviour.

    The police may as well not exist in many areas. The chasing of 'targets' and the hours and hours of paper-work following any action aimed at preventing or reducing crime, or prosequting miscreants, simply renders the individual officers impotent (Source: my son-in-law - serving policeman 15 years service).

    I'll forego my usual rant about Bliar and his pronouncement on crime and its causes, but he, and his Chancellor, must bear so much responsibility for this dreadful state of affairs.

    Caning ? In public ?

    PS. What is this sh*t about - '......cannot be named for legal reasons....' ? Some freedom of information that we are not permitted to know the names and addresses of this filth AND the names of their parents.
  10. I agree the yobs who did this should be severely punished. However you cannot always put the blame at the feet of the parents.

    I am the father of a 15 year old yob. He has been to court countless times. He has served time in a secure unit yet myself and his mother tried to bring him up properly. We taught him right from wrong.

    He just went totally off the rails. We asked for help but did not get any. When he was punished for bad behaviour, a good slap the arse, I had two policemen knock on my door and threaten to take me to court for assault.

    His mother was so badly affected by his behaviour she had a nervous breakdown and was off work for 3 months.

    Finally we had to have him put into care to protect the rest of the family.
  11. Thats the problem, my dad hardly ever hit me, but one day at around 19-20yrs old, I really pissed him off and deservedly got thumped in the stomach, after I stopped wheezing and got up I vowed never again to p!ss him off. :D (you have tried to disapline him this way and were in trouble yourself so it's not your fault)

    There needs to be a line that if you cross and get caught the conequences outway any fun had by crossing the line.

    It not only applies to kids, do you think there would be so many druggies and chavs on the streets if we had rules like singapore do.

    Singapore perhaps take it way too far to the other extreme, but we are way to soft, punishment doesn't exist in GB any more, the only place I can think of where we still have punishment that works is in the armed forces, and even that's being eroded by newspapers whinging about bullying in the army.
  12. The police can't deal with it and a lot of parents (not all) couldn't care what their little darlings are up to. They interviewed a young mother on the street of this poor bloke, she said "they were only damaging cars, thats what kids do"...no it isn't!!! it's what bad kids do.

    I live in an area where this kind of thing happens a lot. I have set up a kind of "neighbourhood watch" system but it consists of me and 6 other big blokes on my street that have agreed to react to trouble as one, I did this about 6 months ago and for the last 5 months or so there has been NO problems at all. While it isn't my job to educate these scrotes it is my job to protect me and my own. I appreciate the problem has probably only moved on down the road but it is possible to deter these thugs, they aren't at all big or clever when faced with any form of organised opposition.
  13. The whole thing is ridiculous and, listening to a minister on the radio this morning, I am appalled at the head-in-the-sand attitude.

    I haven't done the sums but I reckon the casualties from gang and antisocial violence far exceed those of terrorist attacks. Anti-terrorism laws should be applied to the gangs that dominate urban areas, rather than protestors in Parliament Square.

    Shops selling booze to teens should be shut down immediately they are caught with owners spending a long time in jail. In fact, the sale of alcohol to minors should attract the same penalties as drug dealing.

    Parents who allow their children access to drugs and alcohol should have their children taken away from them at the appropriate time - feckless parenting is evident from the birth of the first child, yet social workers appear to do nothing time and time again, creating new generations of troublemakers and, in some cases, permitting drug addict parents to abuse and murder their children by inaction and a ridiculous "non judgemental" attitude.

    We need to accept that, to some extent, there is a "lost generation" and hand out exemplary sentences. The animals who killed this man should be locked up for 30 years. Any instance of criminal behaviour which has an anti-social aggravating factor should have a 5 year minimum sentence.

    A senior officer from my local police force who dealt with registered sex offenders had a very interesting outlook on violent offenders. His belief was that violent offenders should be registered and subject to restrictions in exactly the same way as sex offenders, following conviction or even as the result of police intelligence. Perhaps if they were on the same register, it may act as a deterrent!
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    The challenge, IMHO, is to try to find the youths' equivalent of "Room 101".

    Discover what are they actually afraid of.

    They're clearly "not bovvered" with the range of sanctions available in Law [ASBO, Community Service, Youth Detention]. But there must be something they're scared of, or worried about, or really dislike ... then society has a chance of addressing the problem.

    Breaking rocks while listening to loudspeakers belting out Mozart?

    Public burning of their baseball caps and hoods?

    If I had an answer I'd ask for a Peerage ... I'd deserve one. But surely there must be some intelligent academics and psychologists [as opposed to tree-hugging beards] who could do work on this. The guy who finds the answer will deserve society's eternal gratitude..