Ive met a 49 Para

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Went to my old TAC today and one of the old and bold was wearing a Para badge. I thought it odd as most Para's in Leeds would go to the TAC in Pudsey.

    As this guy was leaving a bloke I was chatting with mentioned he'd never been a para and had been an Instructor in the ACF. Don't intend going back to this TAC for another year but any ideas what to do when I do????

    p.s. For certain reasons this was a 'real' 49 Para soldier
  2. If I remember correctly..... (but I might be wrong!) but ACF Instructors who happen to be Para Badges, wear the Para Badge but with a standard beret. I would wait for an answer from any Para's on the forum, and should this member of 49 be in the wrong beret, I would have a quick chat with his County HQ?
  3. I know the cadets who attended the Para Cadet on Edge Lane , Liverpool all wore standard beret with Para badge
  4. Not bothered about the para bit, but he's not 49 - the Polar number
  5. The system for 10 Para affiliated cadet instructors was Para badge in an ordinary beret, unless the instructor was ex-para. I imagine this was the system generally.

    The beret was not mentioned in the original post, was he wearing one or was it a lapel badge or the like?

    If he was a Para affiliated cadet instructor, I don't see anything wrong with him wearing an Para lapel badge.

    If I knew what the “certain reasons” were, I might be less willing to accept his wearing a Para badge.
  6. No beret, just a para badge on the suit, pretty harmless stuff
  7. IIRC when I was a kid in the 80's a para regt acf instructor in Hammersmith was allowed to wear the red beret as a thanks for 20 odd years service to the regt in the ACF. I suppose there ma be a few acf adults who have earned one the long way rather than the hard way.

  8. Just like the navy blue beret RM cadets wear - not the cabbage green one
  9. **** me i'm scared of height's and i don't like cabbages :lol:
  10. But if he'd been allowed to wear a beret, he would have had contact with the regular regiment and would attend their functions. Not a Signals unit (he might have been at an OTC function)