Ive made a complete mess of it Darling..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mucus2, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. The only thing you can gaurantee will not be cut is salary and expenses for our MP's
  2. Where as Regular troops back home will be subjected to mass cuts and the TA will be completely disbanded save a few Headquarters units no doubt :roll:
  3. The key phrase in the whole article is 'if Labour is re-elected'. They won't be so they won't need to worry about what to cut.

    I reckon they'll keep printing money until the election in order to maintain the 'Things Can Only Get Better' lifestyle. Senior ministers will then join Tony on the lecture circuit on £1m+ per annum. Junior ministers will join Gorbals Mick asleep in the Lords at £75k per annum.

    Many back benchers will struggle to find employment due to the number of ex-MPs coming on to the market and their association with expenses fraud. I look forward to the Daily Heil locating the first Labour ex-MP to sign on the dole. Should be almost as much fun as seeing the mortgage fraudsters being sent to prison.

    The Tories will have to stop printing money as soon as they get in to power if we're to avoid Zimbabwe style hyper-inflation. That'll represent an overnight drop of 30% in government income. Some of that could be made up by the government selling bonds to real investors rather than to itself. They'll not be keen though if Blighty's still riding the economic rapids.

    The Tories are preparing an emergency budget now. They'll tweak it after they get into power and get access to the unspun version of the national accounts. The aim is to present the budget six weeks after the election.

    My predictions:-

    Carriers delayed indefinitely
    Trident patched up & sent to sea until it sinks
    No more new ships for the foreseeable future
    Fleet Air Arm incorporated into RAF

    Withdraw from everywhere except Afghanistan - sell off vacated bases
    TA will become a small reserve of civvy specialists like medics and engineers

    No more Typhoons
    A400 cancelled and C17/C130 bought instead
    JSF cancelled

    Across the board cuts in welfare payments
    Statutory limits on housing benefit
    Interview without KY for everybody on incapacity benefit
    Workfare introduced

    Bonfire of the Qangos
    Drastic cuts in political charity funding
    Cull of around 1 million civil servants
    Pay freeze for MPs
    Legal aid phased out for everything except criminal defence.
  4. That's grim.

    More than likely the truth though.... 8O
  5. The Coast Guard more likely.
  6. At certain times throughout our 20 years of marriage, me and the Mrs have needed to outlay a largish sum on a, say, luxury or necessity. At these points in time we've switched to a lifestyle that we call "Hard Routine".

    For the serving and ex, clearly, no explanation is needed, but for the uninitiated, it basically means that we voluntarily went without luxuries and were able to SAVE to purchase the items we wanted. Yes, we had to wait and we had to do without, but, it always worked, we've always managed to avoid unnecessary debts and in the end, we always got what we wanted.

    I think this is a smaller scale version of what Cameron is going to have to do if he wins the next General Election. His "Period of Austerity", whilst sounding unpleasant, is probably one of the things to help sort out the British economy.

    Message to Dave C, "Get elected, get us on hard routine and get the country sorted".
  7. How do you explain to the voluntary welfare class - those that make a lifestyle choice of living on state handouts - what "hard routine" is?
  8. Don't explain to them, show them.
    The rest of us can no longer afford to pick up the bill for their lifestyle.
    Make living on the state the equivelent of hard routine. As it stands now, sitting on your backside or working short hours and allowing the state to carry you is an attractive career option.

    State support should amount to allowing you to survive when times are hard. Yes it may be unpopular but the simple fact is that the country does not have the money to support those who would rather have a lie in every morning.
  9. Personally I think that if you sacked every Civil Servant and Local govt. employee in the county with the word "Diversity" in his/her title then you'd probably save enough to save both carriers and build another as a spare! In all seriousness though, there are I'm sure VAST amounts to be saved in simply getting rid of "useless mouths" and red tape. All the money that goes on translating official publications into 52 languages can easily be saved by stating that if you want to live in this country then you'd do well to learn the language. Fake Charities, organisations which purport to be exist on charitable donations from the [public but are in fact funded largely by the Govt. (so that they can publish spoof reports demanding the Govt. spend X amount of our Taxes on Unicycle lessons for Ethiopian Lesbians etc. etc.) are another pointless luxury we can easily do without. Quangos are another, there are F**king thousands of them and half of them seem to be aactively engaged in counteracting the "work" of the other half, bin 'em all!! If the people of this country actually knew how much of our hard-earned cash is simply wasted by Govt. they would riot in the street's! :twisted: :twisted:
  10. As much as I agree to showing the benefit bods the real world, what the hell happened to all the money that was in the pot when they came into power and were has all the borrowed money gone to?
  11. A million plus extra public sector emloyees
    A vastly over inflated welfare state
    Uncontrolled spending
    China, India, Half of Africa and a score of other recipients of foreign aid.
    The Union Modernisation program (look it up, you'll like that one)
    Regional Development Agencies that never actually develope anything
    The back pocket of about 95% of our MP's
    The worlds third largest employer, the NHS (may have been bumped into 4th place now)
    Regional Assemblies
    Local Government
    Payments to the EU

    Need I go on? If you really want to bubble into your cornflakes take a look at how much interest the treasury is paying everyday on the debt Brown has run up
  12. AM, thanks for that, I've developed your idea and passed it on to George Osborne. The new plan is to build the carriers quicker then park them alongside Pierhead, where they become HMS/RAF Liverpool ( stops the scousers whining when the dole is cut to £0.00); we can then close all other airbases and sell the land profitably. In addition MOD will be downrated to a Corps HQ and put onto a permanent tactical footing, as parking a few wagons is cheaper than all those buildings and civil servants.
    The army will relocate in its entirety to Sangin, to create some Lebensraum for those citizens wishing to emigrate. Feel free to add any further suggestions...
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Personally, I don't think you are far off with a lot of this list.

    Going to be painful. 8O
  14. Yes A M,
    If Labour is reelected, they won't be.

    I must admit you and most of Fleet St have a higher opinion of the Tory Part Leadership then me.
    Labour has left the UK economy in a worst state then when ever they have ever taken over, post WW II being the possible exception.
    I do have trouble with seeing how Labour is still so close to the Tory lead, 30 % to 40 % as of the latest figures a Tory lead of 16 seats being projected but sure to drop when Mengler & Campbell start knifing.
    That Brown is universally detested I do not doubt, my best mate a jock hates him, with a vengeance normally reserved for the English.
    But Cammeroon, my left testicle has more personality and that's hanging on a redundant member.
    He is not a Know Man, he came from nowhere and I do believe he will keep his party in opposition.
    Brown is a proven waster, Cammeroon does not even figure with most of the UK electorate.
    Keep Brown as head of Labour and have a quick Night of Long Claymores and get rid the Tory Party's Electoral Liability.