Ive lost control of my PC!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by datumhead, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. OK....a few months ago I opened an e-mail in hotmail and it was blank, no problem I thought and then I hear the processor go supersonic!

    I've been locked out of my admin area of the pc, cant change anything in settings and keep getting thrown out of any open windows randomly.

    A tech bod I know has had a look at it and said it's got a virus but he cant find it...... :?

    Any idea how I can clear it without spending too much or anything if poss as it only gets used for web stuff? :D
  2. If there is nothing important on the puter and you cannot find the virus my only suggestion is to close down, reboot with the startup disc, format and start again. It really does depend on what the virus is doing to your puter, if there was any type of info on it then in all probability it has been downloaded to someone. It may be a virus that has given soimeone else control through internet access. As said if you have not found the virus then close boot and format and a fresh start with some AV software and a firewall to stop any programmes on you puter accessing the internet without your knowledge.

  3. Spybot is for malware, not viruses. Malware operates by not having any outward signs of an infection as its primary task is to either control your computer or steal information off it without you knowing. By the sound of it you have picked a quite nasty virus (did you not have any AV software installed?).
    As you may have problems installing AV software or fixes I would suggest that you go to somewhere like Norton or Kasperskys site and run their online virus checkers. Once youhave acertained which virus it is then these companies (try Sophos for a cure too) offer single, free, virus 'fixers' that will clean your PC of that particular problem.
    Oh, and both Norton and Kaspersky offer free, fully functioning 30 day trials of their software. I suggest that after this you pay for some real AV and security software if you have been using AVG free or another free AV package I would suggest you are witnessing the effects of doing things on the cheap.
  4. My bold is exactly what companies like Norton etc want you to think, in my opinion they prey on the those who are ill informed. Being ill informed is not necessarily any fault of the individual though.

    There is nothing at all wrong with some of the free AV solutions out there. They are just as effective as the 'big companies' especially for the home user.

    AVG was very good and very effective before it went to version 8.
    Avast is also very good and there are others.

    Personally I use Comodo Internet Security (AV and Firewall) and I have never had a problem with it. Its free and I am by no means a 'safe' surfer :twisted:
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I rather fear from your post that neither you, nor your 'tech bod' know what they are doing.

    You can't hear the processor: it is a solid state piece of silicon.

    What do you mean by 'locked out of the admin area'? Do you mean you cannot access the Control Panel?

    If you want to try and fix it, go here: www.bitdefender.com/scan8/ie.html and run the online scan.

  6. on the subject of loosing control of ones PC, I go away for a few days and my wife reports that our new pc (medion from Aldi) has stopped working. It was fine when I shut it down, but apparantly it starts up, gets to the windows screen (the one before you log in) then shuts down and starts the process again. It did this 20 times apparantly before the wife thought it was a problem.

    Any ideas? Is it a software problem or could it be a fault with some of the hardware?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Sounds like a driver problem.

    Can you boot it into safe mode?

  8. I will give it a go when I get home later, but I presume if I can boot up in safe mode, I can go back to a restore point in Vista?
  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. having just dealt with a sh1tty anti virus 360 infestation, i can thoroughly recommend malwarebytes. its free for personal use and returned a spasming computer back to normal. I've heard kaspersky rated highly for purchased software, but freeware and a bit of nous seems to work okay. you do need 3 parts: antivirus (AVG or nod32 seem to get thumbs up from many), Firewall (Zonealarm) and spyware monitro such as adaware or malwarebytes
  11. To all posters in this thread,

    If you are an online banking customer, your bank might be running an anti virus offer. I am with Barclays and got free Kaspersky, and I know HSBC do one as well...check the banking website.

    Might save some beer tokens.
  12. I had a very similar problem last week. Log in and you are automatically logged out. Safe mode didn't work either. Had to dummy the hard drive onto another machine to manually remove the viruses. I've been running McAfee (Paid for) for the last three years, since the machine was new.
  13. I was under the impression that Windows firewall was more than adequate?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    No you don't: http://www.thefreecountry.com/security/antivirus-rescue-cd.shtml

    Just create a free antivirus CD and boot off that.

    P.S. McAfee is pants