I've just won the euro millions!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pebbles015, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Dont get yer fecking hopes up.

    2 numbers and a star, £6.30p

    On the plus side......


    Alone in a pub (the gaffers have called it a night, me head chef) with full access to the bar (i'm in the bar now)....beer check..or do I go mental and pay the price working the kitchen tomorrow?........

    suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  2. What sort of grotty dump closes by 00:30, even maccy d's stays open longer.
  3. Country 'gastro' and the 'lympics is on...delivery guys have said that its hit everyone bar the 'chav hotspots'
  4. FFS man...give me a cocktail to try, and not jarrods!!
  5. Fuck, I was just about to post how much I adored your every post and how much I appreciated you being my best mate.
  6. I'm in a fucking pub mate, its still the jackpot!
  7. It sounds as if you've already spent your winnings on 6 double brandies and a snootful of whizz.
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  8. Mine's a pint of mild then please.
  9. I can give you a 'gobble!!!

    (hobgoblin that is!)
  10. Go large my friend, get the keys to the slot machine, take a ton out the back of it, play the machine and keep the winnings but remember to put a ton back in when you've finished. Nail the top shelf and wash your knob in the ice machine.

    Have fun. :)
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  11. There goes another dream.... Still, always Tuesdays draw to bank on..
  12. access to a bar you say? I'm in the north/west, how far away are you?
  13. Awaits the unfolding of this story.....

    Will it replicate that of the teenage girl who announced her 'mansion party' on Faceberk and the place was trashed to the highest order?
  14. "Faceberk", so apt.
  15. It will probably end up with the OP falling asleep and being found by the cleaners facedown in a pool of vomit.
    An interview without liquor and bar snacks will follow, as will future employment at a Little Chef.
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