Ive just went for a Wii!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Taz_786, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. If you havent tried Nintendo's new console, fecking go play it!

    Its out of this world and im hooked.

    Never had so much fun in ages!

    I've only played sports games just yet but bring on the guns and swords!

    Looking forward to cutting some virtual throats!

    Ok calm down, calm down, you can tell im a wee bit excited.
  2. Whats the deal with it?
    Ive seen the advert with the bloke having a virtual sword fight, does it actually work like that or is it a clever marketing ploy?
  3. Is the 72" FST screen included?

    Cant see it being as impressive on my portable!
  4. It actually does work like that. The way in which your movement is mimicked onscreen, almost in realtime, is quite incredible. Practise your golf swing, boxing moves, cricket, tennis, bowling, swordfighting, the possibilities are mouthwatering. I've been a hardcore gamer for the best part of 20 years and thought id seen it all but this is truly revolutionary. Other benefits are that it tires out kids, rather than having them sitting on their backsides, and is a mere £179 with Wii Sports included. I cant think of a better present this Xmas but you'll be lucky to get one as they've flown off the shelves! Lucky i pre-ordered mine 3 months ago. Theres only thing im waiting for tho and thats Star Wars lightsabre combat, childhood fantasies fulfilled!
  5. Star Wars too? Outstanding!

    You are not my father dude :D
  6. I so want a Wii!
  7. Ok just got a 360.

    Dont ask me how but the wife caved in and i got one. Problem though, the games are about £50 quid so there lies the problem.

    I got the console but how do i get games. Anybody know a cheap outlet or (Ahem) ways round the system???
  8. Thats what put me off getting a 360 to be honest. The console is great and the games look fantastic but at 50 quid a pop its a tad too much.

    Best bet is to hire games from a local Blockbuster or something other than that I think 360 games are pretty much unbreakable.

    I'll stick to my PC, wait a couple of months and get the latest games for a tenner :wink:
  9. *cough* google the words "360 torrent".
  10. Shows how much I know 8O I'll sod off now :p
  11. Don't try to play them on xbox live or they will ban you! Not that anyone is advocating such things :D
  12. Now I dont even have a 360, always use a PC for all my gaming stuff, but might look into getting a 360 once the PS3 is out and the price has dropped.

    I belive (that friend of mine again) that torrent is a very good place to look for most things you need ;)
  13. You know it to be true!

    Well its not been confirmed yet but thats what everyone wants to see.

    At the last E3 games convention LucasArts executives were deluged with questions about a Star Wars Wii game and they just gave knowing winks so it is definitely on the drawing board.

    Im looking forward to this as well.