Ive just killed one...


So basically Raid doesnt work then... I need something direct and fast... I don't like the thought of one dragging along dying slowly ... I will now avoid Page 3 and 4 ... can we please remove the spiders... it is interferring with my head...
ptsd is funny, all that yelling an flinching.

Its all very serious on this thread init?


Some people keep cats to kill mice. Others keep spiders to kill flies. There's nothing wrong with them, and they wont bite unless you stick your finger in their gob.

I see your back and making a tw@t of yourself, yet again.

The only solution for your PTSD inducing trauma is to slice open your wrists in front of your manky unwashed brats.

Fcuk off you stupid, deranged, saggy cnuted whore.


War Hero
just chased one under the bed trying to pull the bed out but the cowardly
fecker is pulling it back
did you kill my mongoose? pete?
Come on guys, for a long time PTSD was treated as a joke by the establishment, then here you lot are subjecting poor Bettymoo to the same sort of disbelief and ridicule so many of our fellow servicemen had to suffer.

Who's to say that the act of killing, on whatever level, hasn't had a profound and disturbing effect on her? She needs your help and support!
Sorry, forgot the "help" bit in my last post.

Bettymoo said:
So basically Raid doesnt work then... I need something direct and fast...
Try this for direct, fast, and no nasty mess to clean up or be traumatised by:

Slightly off thread... I nearly killed my cousin with a spider. Me and me brother were sprightly young imps in our day and decided it would be a jolly fun jape to surprise our elder cousin with a spider. What I didn't know was that her phobia was more than "Oh get the horrid little beast away from me!!" but more of..... "Arrggggghhhh.......*pant* wheeze*gasp*" and then a short ride to the hospital as she went into shock or something and was so bad the paramedics had to give her oxygen as she could not breathe. Oh how we laughed as our father beat the sh1te out of us.


I know how it feels believe me... it is serious... I can't drive as I keep having flashbacks that there is one in the car...

I have moved out for a week or so hoping that it is just their time and that they will pass through... I have on order some killer stuff from America which kills Scorpios so hopefully my problem will be solved... shortly.. thanks for your support guys x

I guess I am just not a natural born killer...
First it said here that I'm going to get raped by bikers, now I'm going to be killed by some daft wench.

I knew I should of taken the day off.
Bettymoo, aka chubb aka lynx aka just another Troll, why dont you go away as you said you were, either that or please drive your car with a box of spiders on your lap, and when doing 70mph open it. If you can video the ensuing carnage, maybe the police can upload onto youtube so we can all have a laugh. Besides that if youve moved out for a week, whose looking after your pikey caravan?

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