Ive just killed one...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bettymoo, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. OK... what is it with this time of the year... I was just doing a spot of cleaning up after the kids when I saw its shadow... armed with kids guitar I start to lash out at it missing whilst it seeks to hide out in the wires behind the TV.. with cut up hands from the end of the guitar there is no stopping me... as I callously bash out at the area... trying to bring the bastard forward... shaking I move back to discover it crawling along the wall about to seek refuge under my kids A Class Merc..

    I decide to retreat and get a flip flop after a few misses, me screaming I then land the ultimate whack leaving it under the flip flop as I cannot bear to see the massacre underneath .. I am shaking... it was big...

    I feel sorry that I have killed it but it was a survival tactic... I can't have that thing roaming around my place... as I sit and the shakes have gone.. I am wondering whether the one behind was in fact the one in front... and perhaps there is still another one lurking...

    How do you guys deal with them... ??
  2. immigrants ????
  3. Are you on crack?
  4. A stale pork pie you had misplaced last year?
  5. When I fart I just open the window rather than hysterically attack it with a £19.99 Woolworths Stratocaster.
  6. Was it a Vietnamese boat geezer, that just needed the Pete Townsend treatment.??

    Strange thread anyhooooooooooo.
  7. I have just laughed so much I nearly cried but I am still hysterical after the event ... I am burning up not sure if I have sun stroke or whether it is an immediate reaction to what I have just had to do ... in the name of god... may even have to get a neighbour round to remove the remains of the thing...
  8. God you are strange
  9. it's your age love, put a patch on & sit down & watch the soaps.
  10. Strange me never...
  11. Excuse me for interrupting your "trip"............

    Have you been drinking liquid shyte chasers me dear?

  12. Apparently its around this time of the year that the females give birth... So my bet is that it has given birth and off in search of food for the young.... Check under the A class merc, there you should find daddy looking after the young....

    If they aint there they will be somewhere, but I am sure they will show theirselves in good time... :twisted:
  13. I have just now poured myself a glass of wine... I don't think I will sleep tonight as I am still on the adrenaline of the killing.. and I will be searching for Daddy that is for sure... so it was female and one which had recently given birth christ where are the young as I plan to kill them one at a time... do you have any serious suggestions on how to get rid of them... at all.. pleaseeeee

    This is the only time I realise that I am really on my own... having to deal with things like this makes me want to go to grab a squaddie at the local...
  14. me me me me me me me.

    only if thats you in the picture.