I've heard a nasty rumour ...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, May 4, 2013.

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  1. I've heard a nasty rumour that our dress regs, for the wearing of MTP, are being rewritten in Corps memorandum and it's to include creases ironed into MTP trousers. Please say it isn't so? The Corps RSM needs to get that squared away before we turn into the Royal Signals. Now Afghanistan is drawing to a close i won't be surprised if they try and force us into barrack dress again.
  2. We already have creases in ours.. that said some of our bods ARE ex-Sigs.
  3. What? You're going to grow a brain and stop drinking piss? We don't iron creases in to our trousers either, you bellend!
  4. Am I missing something? You don't iron creases in your kecks?
  5. Calm down sweetheart.
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  6. Just get the creases sewn in.
  7. ##Shudders##
  8. You don't drink piss? How common...
  9. No secret that the CRSM hates MTP in his own words he calls them combat PJs.

    Who gives a **** anyway its just a uniform. I'd rather go back to lightweights MIT side pocket and jumper HD with **** off big stripes on my arm

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  10. kit is designed for purpose not to look pretty these dinosaur RSM should be man managing than making shit up so that he looks good. Tell him Dave says you are a ****.
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  11. inside out with a touch of wax. if you want to be stupid, you will find the RSM has already got the job.
  12. The "instructions" for wearing PCS were in a PowerPoint presentation that was getting emailed around our place a while a go, and it stated no creases were to be ironed in as it damages the fabric.

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  13. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Barrack dress is coming back to be used more regularly, ive heard there looking to dress the Stabs first (not sure why) and it will be worn when not conducting field duties and whilst in working hours doing general duties around the Barracks.
  14. Remember how everyone had to pay to get rank & qualification patches on their reds re-done on a red background? Seems its going to go back to the original gold on black. I heard it on the Q T from someone who was at the RSMs conference at Sandhurst a couple of weeks ago.