Ive had my Med Board and getting MD when can i start work

I was stopped from going to work by the SMO in November 05, got MD'd as of 31/1/06 and working at 1(UK)CivDiv 2 days later.
Now the interesting thing is the Army kept me on the books until April, however I was free to work as of 1/2/06.
If you are looking for a job now or in the near future, PM me I might be in a position to help you out mate.
So would I get caught or In trouble if I started work in a few weeks. Ive got to wait for that letter from glasgow for my run out date my M board was yesterday.
What is the "as of" date on your notes?
yesterday as I got a letter from the med board saying I was to remain on leave til discharge and i am awaiting confirmation from glasgow.


I am also in the same boat, i have recieved my med discharge papers, and will be out on April 4th after 11 years service. Im just wondering when i can start work?

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