Ive had a look, doesnt seem to have been asked before.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Falortah, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. As I posted earlier, I passed selection and came out with a C Grade, I have taken my fitness a lot higher than when I went to ADSC.

    Here's the main question I actually have.

    Is it possible for me to get on a the Parachute Regiment PRAC, even though I got a C Grade and have already done ADSC for Infantry?
  2. You'll have had to pass the requirements for para regt at selection, which you didn't (run time).
  3. Would it be possible to do just the run by itself? I know this could be a retarded question but as I was told "There's no question that's stupid" haha :p
  4. Join the REME instead
  5. While still doing my application, I asked a similar question and was told that you have to re-sit all of selection by my ACA.

    Also, how do you know fitness alone contributed to your C grade?
  6. Well.. I believe it was my fitness that was the let down because Team Tasks I was in about, talking, discussing how we'd get it done, I done best effort at everything else and the multi-stage fitness test, they made a muck up on there behalf and I was deferred and later told that I passed with a C Grade.

    I never even got my certificate! :(
  7. How so?
  8. Fitness didn't bring your grade down fella, I got 5 heaves and a run time of 11.14 and walked away with an A!
  9. I think they mixed my run time up with another candidates or something, not a 100% sure wasn't fully explained.

    @ Ash_P - What took my grade down?
  10. So it's not you, the candidate who screwed up but the professionals who do this everyday? Seems rather presumptuous of you.

    Who knows what took your score down, no one here was marking you on the day. However it sounds like you could do with a debrief from your careers office and find out what's gone on as you sound like you don't know a whole lot. They will have received a report back from ADSC outlining your performance.

    It sounds doubtful whether you achieved the 9:18/9:40 run time needed, even if they 'mixed you up with another candidate' ;) Also, as another person pointed out fitness does not affect your overall grade that much.
  11. I was informed when my office called me on the train that they had made a mistake on there behalf but didn't go into detail with it just that they had made an error on my run time.

    I wasn't running for the Para's at the point, I was running for Infantry, I have tried to get a debrief but my recruiter wasn't in and I was told to come back when he returned from holiday, at the point I just thought I would wait for it.

    The reason for this post was to find out if it would be possible to redo ADSC (Already been told I can't do it for Infantry) for the Paratroopers and try achieve a higher grade.
  12. So what time are you running it in?
  13. I run it in 10 minutes 38 seconds for my selection but I've improved it 9 Minutes 34 Seconds and I am constantly trying to improve it so I can run it faster.
  14. pmsl - i managed 10:19 in some of the thickest mud ive ever had the pleasure of running through and also did 5 heaves and got a B grade.

    i got told it also goes off your interviews at your recruitment office and everything you did during selection - so im guessing if you demonstrated crap unit knowledge at interviews and turned up in nike shocks and joggers then it will lower your score
    looking back i didnt know as much as i should have about my 2nd and third choices so that would have contributed to not getting an A